RFID Systems for Limousine Services

RFID Vehicle Tags is a popular item that hang on the rearview mirror of any vehicle for easy tracking.

  • Checking business fleet positions enroute to destination points
  • Access control applications to secure parking areas
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Improve clientele service
GAO RFID Systems provide solutions that help to automate limousine services to ensure the efficient operation of limousine service companies. Increasing efficiency and customer service means smoothing out the logistics of running a limousine service.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Limousine Services 

RFID tagging can be an affordable option for vehicle tracking. Theft prevention is not just for consumer vehicles it has broad applications for a business fleet that serves business clientele. The main system benefits including the following: Vehicle Tracking The RFID Windshield Tag is the right solution for limousines giving them general access control applications to secure garages. The GAO RFID Vehicle Tag can be used by our RFID Asset Tracking System and management, tracking the movement of a vehicle. Private Access Convenience Upscale hotels that cater to high security clients and famous people benefit from the utilization of RFID. Hotels that have installed our RFID Access Control System can ensure that managers can welcome VIPs to secure parking areas once they arrive. Preventing non authorized vehicles like paparazzi from access specific zones at the venue eliminates security concerns. Limo Driver Tracking GAO RFID can also benefit limousine service management by allowing business owners to track limo drivers with a Lanyard Tag. The UHF 433 MHz tag can also be used for non-metal asset tracking and management, just another way of saying business owners can track where their drivers are. Understanding the logistics of where your drivers are helps to facilitate the efficient operation of the limo service and ensures personnel are diligently performing their driving tasks.

Integrating Limousine Service with GAO RFID

The GAO RFID Limousine Service System can be deployed for business fleet vehicles and the tracking of limo driver personnel. Besides our hardware solutions we can also assist your limo company in setting up a software management system that can be integrated with our technology. Don’t get left behind; contact us on how to stand out in the crowd from all other limo companies by using our RFID Systems]]>

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