RFID Systems for Linen & Uniform Suppliers

  • Tag items of clothing allowing for easy retrieval and significantly reduce losses of inventory
  • RFID offers visibility of accurate real-time information
  • Reduce laundry expenses, cut down on annual uniform purchases, and achieve greater labor productivity
  • Within a few years, the RFID system pays for itself when factoring in the cost of savings
  • Join hospitals, casinos, and hotels among other businesses that are using RFID tech to give them the utmost protection
  • GAO’s radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are easily placed within an item of clothing that allows for a business manager to track that article of clothing. A wide range of benefits accompany the use of RFID including the monitor of stock levels, automatic linen location routing, automatic re-order of inventory, automatic operator indication light systems, and others.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Linen & Uniform Supply Services

    The use of these new technologies has allowed businesses to keep their costs low thereby increasing their monetary turnover. This cost reduction is fully possible with easy-to-access organization software programmed based on your business’ unique needs. Monitor your Inventory Levels Especially when working with linen and uniform supply, the knowledge of what you have in your inventory is of major importance to business operations. Laundry RFID Tags infused into items of clothing allow you to monitor your inventory levels and create automatic re-orders when needed. The GAO RFID System for  offers this service in real-time with inventory numbers being accessible at any time. More Data and Better Data Management The more information you have on the performance and efficiency of your business, the more informed if a decision a business manager will be able to make. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System for  Linen and Uniform Supply Services offers a wide range of system reports and graphs including inventory aging, wash counts, facility distribution, loss analysis, loss alerts, operator performance, delivery validation, and real time stock levels. Hospitals, Casinos, and Hotels around the World are Using RFID Hospitals have thousands of linens in-house that need to be laundered daily in order to eliminate the spread of disease. Hotels also require the laundering of a tremendous volume of linens on a daily basis for cleanliness. Casinos employ thousands of people requiring having to keep thousands of uniforms in stock. These businesses are just a few that have tapped into GAO RFID Linen and Uniform Supply Services in order to better their operations. With a system in place to manage the vast amount of items at play, this has now allowed for accountability previously unseen. Eliminate Theft of Uniform When a new employee is hired or when an employee checks in for a day, they expect uniforms that are clean and ready for use. Uniform theft is a common issue among many businesses with as much as 40% of their uniform inventory being lost on an annual basis. This is a very high number that adds to higher-than-needed annual purchases and higher overall expenses. GAO RFID Asset Tracking System ensures that every uniform is tagged thereby guarding against theft. When a uniform is being stolen, the RFID Tag in the item will send off a warning to you notifying you of the activity.

    Integrating our Solution with your Linen and Uniform Supply System

    GAO RFID Systems for Linen and Uniform Supply Services can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs. RFID tags keep your business running knowing that your uniform supply and/or linens are well protected. These tags can assist in managing the vast amount of items at your company, recognizes these items, and assists in the location of these assets on your premises. With GAO’s RFID solutions, achieve unparalleled visibility of accurate real-time information, fast locating of items, possibility to record losses, and ability to plan product locations strategically. Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID Linen and Uniform Supply Services can be adapted to suit your needs.]]>

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