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Logistics and Fleet RFID SolutionsAn improperly designed maintenance program can result in:

  • Project delays and cost over-runs
  • Too much technology
  • The wrong technology
  • Prematurely obsolete proprietary solutions

Fleet Maintenance with GAO RFID

Fleet Tracking with RFIDGAO RFID technology can address many of the on-going concerns that Fleet Managers deal with on a day-to-day basis. GAO RFID provides a variety of solutions suitable for many fields, such as the commercial, government, and private sectors. Our approach is to use open standards RFID technology in a way that will maximize your fleet management resources. A GAO RFID solution will not only help you grow your business, but will also prepare you to adopt future technologies easier. For example, by placing RFID tags on critical assets that require regular maintenance GAO can develop a solution that will give you accurate maintenance and usage history as well as reduce parts inventory and eliminate obsolete parts. Service data can be recorded directly onto RFID tags. That way service history is readily available anywhere the fleet vehicle goes. In addition, once a vehicle is tagged it’s movements can be recorded anywhere in an RFID enabled yard or depot.

GAO RFID benefits include:

  1. Truck Tracking RFID EquipmentFast and accurate check-in, fueling, and weighing;
  2. Tire maintenance improvements;
  3. Locating and monitoring of vehicles within the RFID equipped zone (knowing accurately and in real-time which vehicles are in the compound and which vehicles are on the road);
  4. Automated record keeping of maintenance checks and repairs;
  5. Accurate coordination of preventative maintenance whether based on mileage driven or motor runtimes or a combination of both;
  6. On-line access to logs of previous maintenance work;
  7. Automated inventory control and procurement of spare parts;
  8. Improved equipment utilization;
  9. Better use of labor pool;
  10. Minimize errors

GAO RFID Inc. Fleet Maintenance Solutions include mobile and fixed scanners, mobile computers and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, along with applications from industry-leading partners, to help you streamline your maintenance operations. By capturing, moving and managing vehicle data across your enterprise, our solutions reduce truck maintenance costs and optimize fleet utilization.

GAO RFID technology will help reduce vehicle downtime by ensuring fixes are made only when necessary – rather than according to a pre-established plan, and therefore greatly increase overall efficiency of the fleet and profitability of your business.

We Have Your Solution

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