RFID Systems for the Movie Theatre Industry

GAO RFID System Solutions: Movie Theatre IndustryFrom security concerns to theft and vandalism, RFID technology can solve many of the Movie Theatre industry’s biggest challenges. GAO RFID has extensive experience working with companies to identify their business goals. Our team of certified professionals then tackle the issues head on — always keeping customer service a top priority.Below are some commonly asked questions from our clients within the entertainment venue industry. Read on to see how our company addresses their concerns.Our theatre complex wants to cut down on human capital by automating the ticketing process. Can you help with that? Absolutely. GAO RFID recommends our sophisticated RFID Access Control System, which eliminates the need for a human body to rip off ticket stubs leading into the auditorium. In the case of movie theatres, all ticket stubs are outfitted with RFID technology. Patrons then use these stubs to swipe themselves into the auditorium area — which would otherwise be restricted to those without paid admission. This automated system then frees up an employee to work in another area of the theatre. Security is never in jeopardy and productivity is ultimately increased.How do we monitor our theatre staff’s productivity levels, without intruding on their ability to work freely?RFID technology is useful in logging employee contributions and pinpointing workflow anomalies. Our RFID Personnel Locating System not only monitors your workers’ whereabouts — it also captures the amount of time each one spends at a particular workstation. RFID Tags would be given to each of your employees, who then transmit data to a Reader when they pass a strategic point within the theatre. Optimize operational efficiency by observing how your employees work throughout the day.Our theatre hosts big, high-profile events throughout the year. Is there a way to make event organization more manageable? From marketing to crowd control, we know the amount of work involved in pulling off a smooth event. That’s why GAO RFID’s Event Management System is the superior choice among organizers. Whether your theatre is screening a film’s world premiere or hosting an annual documentary festival, RFID technology can help manage the entire process end-to-end. Establish attendee registration and know your audience before the event gets underway. Once underway, you can reduce line wait times and restrict guest access to sensitive zones throughout the theatre complex.What other solutions does GAO RFID offer for the Movie Theatre industry? Our RFID Systems are flexible enough to be mixed and matched with our other products. But for those in the movie theatre industry, here are some of our most popular solutions:Asset Tracking RFID System

  • Parking Control RFID System
  • Property Management RFID System
Implementing GAO RFID Technology Into Your Movie Theatre OperationsGAO RFID is a leader in RFID technology and it’s not hard to see why. Contact us today for a personalized assessment of your theatre’s needs. Our team of certified professionals will be more than happy to take on your challenges. GAO RFID is proud to serve the theatre industry. We look forward to hearing from you soon.]]>

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