Parking Control RFID Systems

Parking Control RFID Systems

RFID Enabled Automated Parking Access Control Systems

GAO RFID Inc. has developed a turnkey RFID parking access control system that can be implemented quickly and simply. This parking solution is ideal for apartments and condos, gated communities, business parking lots and garages, university parking areas and recreation operations from hotels to RV camps.

RFID Solutions for Parking Control

Specific details for the final RFID equipment are application dependant; however, a typical scenario would include GAO RFID windshield tags (GAO116014) and either RFID readers with a built in antenna such as (GAO216003) or a multi-port reader such as GAO’s 4-port RFID reader (GAO216007). The parking solution also requires one or more RFID enabled parking barriers(GAO410004), wired or wireless IP networking, and, to complete the parking solution, GAO’s LocateWare™ RFID Parking Control Software. GAO’s parking solution enables you to operate an unattended parking barrier with controlled parking access privileges. The parking barriers come in various sizes. They can be one or two lane setups. They can be installed to handle one or two way traffic. By using RFID technology you can issue parking passes, either windshield type tags are RFID cards, that are specific to the user. These passes can be controlled to determine the type and time of access permitted and can be activated and deactivated remotely by the operator.

Embedded Parking Solution

GAO has also developed a standalone, embedded solution for parking. The software is designed to be used with a “smart” reader, such as the UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader/Writer, model 236015. Smart readers, such as this, have built-in computing intelligence, allowing them to not only read tags but to also make decisions based on the tag data that were read, process the tag data, and perform custom tasks to the data directly on the reader platform. Smart readers are capable of operating as a stand-alone computing platform, eliminating the need and reliance on a robust network and back-end systems. They system employs the use of a USB drive for both the upload and download of system information. The database of valid RFID tags is uploaded to the reader through the insertion of the drive. Similarly, the usage activity, which cars entered or left the lot and when, is downloaded from the reader, again, by simply inserting the USB key. The components of the self-contained embedded parking system are shown in the image to the right including on the left side theUHF Gen 2 RFID Reader/Writer, model 236015 which reads the tags and contains the embedded software; top-right is a relay board for controlling a parking barrier or gate and the powers supply at the bottom right.

Prepaid Parking

GAO RFID’s also offers a turnkey solution for parking operators that require the ability to monitor and record not only access and exit to parking facilities but also log and bill back parking charges by customer. This solution is ideal for operators that have a subscribed-base of users that pay on an annual, monthly, weekly, daily or per stay basis. You can now monitor the peak utilization of your parking facility and recover costs based on actual usage by your customers. It is a jungle out there – an asphalt jungle. Parking lot operators, whether public or private, face a number of challenges such as:

  • Accurately identify and authorize vehicle movement
  • Collect and record vehicle movement data
  • Analyze traffic patterns to maximize facility utilization
  • Increase security within the parking facility
  • Manage staffing for peak traffic periods
  • Relieve congestion
  • Improve customer service

GAO RFID’s parking solution gives operators the ability to enhance parking control management systems by using RFID to help automate existing parking control systems or when planning new ones. The use of RFID tags, readers and antennas makes it easier to automate the ‘in and out’ privileges of parking subscribers. Private parking policies can be seamless integrated with public parking areas without increases in manpower. Security, critical in today’s world, can be improved. Payment processes can be automated. Occupancy rates and dwell times can be instantly calculated. Intelligent parking systems help capture data required for capacity planning and understanding current facility utilization. The automation of in and out and payment eliminates the need for addition staffing as the facility grows. Automated entry and exit, automated payment and shorter queues equate to satisfied customers. Above all, these benefits will drive higher revenues.

We Have Your Solution

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