RFID Systems for Postal Services

  • Monitoring mail delivery to reduce errors
  • Managing insurance for lost packages
  • Tracking mailboxes and mail
  • Tracking and monitoring delivery fleets
  • Tracking and monitoring personnel
  • GAO RFID will ensure that your organization will optimize the use of the tools at its disposal by automating these administrative tasks and eliminating human error in all postal services.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Postal Services

    Postal systems, although they vary from country to country, have similar processes that include a few basic steps: mail arrives at the local post office, or in traditional mail drop boxes, or in automatic postal centres. From there, the mail is then transported to a postal sorting and distributing centre. The mail then travels to the local post office in the recipient’s area and is finally delivered to the designated address. Throughout this system, a lot can go awry. GAO RFID Systems can aid in a variety of ways during the different stages of postal service processes to alleviate many of the problems.Tracking, Managing and Logging Incoming MailTracking, managing and logging mail manually on arrival to the local post office or a postal sorting and distribution centre can pose a number of problems. Logging incoming mail can take a look time and be prone to human error if the process is done manually. Instead, as more and more cities begin to adopt automatic postal centres, it will be useful to be able to offer customers a service that uses RFID Tags to tag their own mail. In doing so, they can input the addresses of the sender and the receiver on an internal database leaving no doubt as to the final destination or return address. On a similar note, illegible addresses can make it hard for the person sorting the letters to place them in the right destination bin. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System can help tag the letter that has arrived via a drop box and use “incomplete address alert” to notify the receiving postal office of the discrepancy. Once sent, the mail can be tracked by the customer to ensure the package arrives at the intended location in a timely manner.Controlling Access to Time Sensitive and High Value Mail All packages and letters are important, but there are some that have a higher priority than others. To ensure that those packages and letters are protected from theft, security systems can be put in place that disallow anyone, except those authorized to be in contact with that mail, to have access to the mail. The RFID Tags that are applied to mail can help identify when a package or letter goes missing, and within the post office or sorting centre itself, the RFID Access Control System can help protect it from prying eyes of even employees who are not authorized to access them.Monitoring your Fleet With vehicular transportation as the way to deliver mail to its destination, the monitoring and maintenance of your delivery fleet is crucial to business efficiency. By using RFID Vehicle Tags, every van, truck, or passenger car can be tracked. Know how many are in the field, parked in the lot, or at the mechanic for maintenance within seconds. This keeps your fleet running optimally to ensure no downtime in your delivery routes.Tracking your PersonnelFrom the start of the day until the end of their shift, providing RFID Badges to your personnel will ensure a streamlined process in managing payroll and monitoring productivity. At any stage or area in your facility, RFID Readers can be installed and programmed to capture data of employees as they pass by. This data uniquely identifies each employee and logs their actions. At any time, managers can recall information on any group of employees to assess productivity or time schedule conflicts. By using our Personnel Tracking  System, you gain clear visibility on how your staff are functioning and provide an automated way for payroll to be processed. 

    Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Postal Services System

    The GAO RFID System for Postal Services is not only cost effective, but also helps reduce the amount of human error in mail delivery. With a 100% mail traceability service for customers, RFID helps both your organization and customers feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their mail will be delivered/received in a timely fashion and without discrepancies. Internally, our GAO RFID Systems allow you monitor and manage your personnel effectively and streamlines many administrative processes. If you are using an ERP in your facility, we can help to seamlessly integrate our RFID System with your software so that the data can be automatically imported for use in your system.Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID solutions can be integrated with your existing system.   ]]>

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