RFID Systems for Refrigerated Warehousing & Storage

  • Maintaining and managing cold storage units
  • Monitoring temperatures within units and facility
  • Tracking packages to and from storage facility
  • Monitoring storage facilities for ice formation and condensation.
  •  GAO RFID System Solutions: Refrigerated Warehousing & Storage

    Refrigerated warehousing and storage facilities are a necessary part of perishable food storage industries. They require thorough inventory checks, management of equipment, higher density storage abilities and more to be able to optimize their daily functions. Equipment and Inventory Management Using RFID Tags Since refrigerated storage and warehousing facilities require speedy results for fresher products for consumers, it is vital that your organization is equipped to handle a large quantity storage of products in an efficient and reliable manner. Specifically, the storage facility needs to be equipped with the ability to manage multiple storage containers and able to simultaneously assess their unique needs and requirements to sustain the load. To do so, GAO RFID’s Industrial RFID Tags are easy to mount on pallets, crates and containers. They are far tougher and more durable than optical barcodes. RFID tags help track the storage container or shipment to make sure that the shipment and its valuable goods inside stay safe and secure. GAO High Temperature RFID Tags are more tolerant of condensation and ice formation, so that the reliability of the handling process is increased significantly. Monitor Temperatures Using our High Temperature RFID Tags, temperatures of products can be monitored remotely. Each tag has temperature sensors that allow you measure even the most extreme of temperatures. By being able to read the Tags remotely, you will always have an eye on the temperatures of stored goods to ensure they are kept at the desired temperatures for your clients. Ease of Use and Efficiency of RFID The function of a RFID or radio frequency identification system is to collect in real-time the identification of objects and all associated data. The challenge arises when it’s time to put that collected information to work: integrating RFID-generated data into cold storage and refrigeration applications so that essential information can be viewed, analyzed, applied and presented to end users. Since time is critical in cold storage and refrigeration warehouses, it is vital that our RFID Asset Tracking System is able to track, and locate the perishable items so that their condition and specification is always known.

    Integrating GAO RFID Systems with your Pre-existing Warehousing Management Software

    GAO RFID solutions are easily compatible with competency assessment software, payroll systems, and decision support management tools that are used to help make daily processes more efficient. The GAO AUTO-ID Engine incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions, and our hardware and system integration expertise make it easy to integrate with all systems that are currently used. Through our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by our RFID systems are seamlessly passed on to your organization’s system of integrated applications. Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID Systems can be configured for your Refrigerated Storage and Warehousing facility.  ]]>

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