RFID for Funeral Homes

  • Track key personnel’s daily responsibilities ensuring that they are completed regularly
  • Set up your RFID system to allow yourself to automatically order the inventory you need when you need it
  • Track the inventory that is going out the door and better tailor your business to your customers based off of what’s selling
  • With this new generation of technology coming to the forefront in nearly every marketplace worldwide, funeral homes have seen the use of RFID technologies assist in optimizing business operations, improving the customer service experience, and strengthen your funeral home’s business. The application of GAO RFID Systems for Funeral Homes embeds technologies suited for a vast array of purposes.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Funeral Homes

    Commonly used to better track employee responsibilities and performance as well as to grant access to only those authorized, the GAO RFID Funeral Home Services can automate a sizeable portion of your infrastructure. Account for the timeliness of your employees, track your inventory, automate a process to order inventory as it comes up, and track sales. Create a seamless solution for your funeral home to offer a high quality service to clientele that your competitors can’t. Bring your Gravestones into the Digital Age Though tombstones have been around for centuries, RFID technologies today allow us to install and embed the story of a loved one right into their tombstone. This allows a passerby who has an RFID Tag to scan the technology, tap into a personal message and a memory of the person. Allow families the chance to connect with their past through RFID-inspired digital storytelling. Ensure that Burials are not Tampered With The capabilities of RFID tags to ensure that buried bodies remained unmoved has meant funeral homes tapping into this IP surveillance solution. Securing Tamper-proof RFID Tags on coffins, site managers will be notified if there is any tampering on burial grounds. Track Inventory to Improve Your Business Sales GAO RFID Asset Tracking System offers a way to digitally document what inventory is being sold and gives you the information you need to make better decisions in the future on what inventory you need. Track products and services being sold, and ensure you aren’t wasting your time with a product or service that isn’t selling. Personalize your business to what customers are reacting to and ensure that they are get the best possible customer experience from your funeral home. Track Employee Performance Through the implementation of GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System, learn where your employees’ attentions are being focused throughout their work shift. Using RFID Badges, this highly adaptable, flexible technology can be used to monitor the location of employees and to ensure that their daily responsibilities are being met at all times.

    Integrating our Solution with your Funeral Home System

    GAO RFID Funeral Home Services can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs. Engage with your clientele in a uniquely personalized way while ensuring that your business operations are performing up to your expectation. This is what GAO’s RFID assistance is about – give you the resources you need to better your business and improve your profit margins.   Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID System for Funeral Home Services can be adapted to suit your needs.]]>

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