RFID Systems for Pipeline Transportation

  • Checking for evaporation or leakage of pipelines
  • Maintaining pipelines and checking for rusting
  • Managing multiple overlapping pipelines with different liquids
  • Tracking for ammonia spills
  • Managing insulated pipelines
  • GAO RFID Systems can help automate the tracking, maintaining and managing aspects of pipeline transportation so that your organization is best equipped to deal with a sudden leak or rusty pipeline with accuracy and efficiency.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Pipeline Transportation

    In the pipeline transportation’s harsh and complex environments, proper asset management, personnel safety and equipment maintenance are not just regulatory issues; they are paramount to the success and health of the business. At GAO RFID, we assure you that our latest technology can help you overcome many of the challenges that you face to optimize you daily functioning.Maintaining and Monitoring Equipment for Leaks or Cracks  Leaks in the pipelines and cracks are often a cause of great concern to those in the surrounding area of the pipeline and the company. In addition, the environment needs to be protected. In order to address these concerns, the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System enables your organization to track and monitor the ‘health’ of the pipelines to aid your organization in maintaining the up-keep of the pipelines. As pipeline transportation companies, you are not only responsible for the general health of the pipeline, but also making sure that the pipelines that carry the most at-risk materials for the environment and people around the pipelines are safe and secure. The GAO RFID solution uses RFID Tags as sensors that communicate with Industrial RFID Readers installed along the pipeline route. If there is breakage or tampering, the sensors will emit alerts, allowing you to remotely monitor the health of the pipelines can respond immediately to any concerns. Improve Personnel Safety of Remote Workers on Pipeline ConstructionAt GAO RFID, we believe that the safety, security and efficiency of all personnel in your organization are vital. In order to keep your employees safe even when they are in the most remote part of the world, RFID Tags attached to their protective gear can be used to track and ensure the safety of all staff on the field. In addition to tracking remote workers, the GAO Personnel Tracking System helps to monitor employees, as well as to locate them in case of emergency.Tracking Inventory and Materials Use  As an organization, your priority is not just to increase operational safety and security, but also to see viable financial results. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System provides robust and real-time asset management solutions and end-to-end visibility to streamline and focus everyday tracking of materials, equipment and personnel in the process to ensure progress. Every item can be tagged with specialized RFID Tags, such as High Temperature RFID Tags, so that full visibility of inventory count and usage can be monitored easily. Thresholds can be configured so that the system automatically alerts managers when supplies are low or irregular movement is logged. This enables your organization to increase operational efficiency and profitability by being able to quickly respond to inventory fluctuations.Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Pipeline Transportation ServicesGAO RFID Systems can help you view, track, and locate assets and personnel easily. Every system can be uniquely integrated to suit your organization’s existing ERP system in the best possible manner.Please contact us for more information about how our RFID solutions can be tailored to fit your Pipeline Transportation organization.]]>

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