Applying RFID to School Bus Transportation

RFID and School Bus Transportation: Is It Possible?The two types of RFID tags employed by GAO RFID are Passive Tags and Active Tags. Passive Tags have no internal power supply, they emit a radio frequency signal only in response to a cue from a transponder. Active Tags are internally powered, they emit a continuous radio frequency signal. Active Tags can be read from distances of up to several metres. Passive Tags have a lower range from a few centimeters to a few meters. Depending on your requirements, RFID may work for your needs.Automated Passenger HeadcountFor example, each student can be outfitted with a high frequency thin RFID Card that can be scanned by a Short Range RFID (interrogator) Reader. The tag exchanges data with the reader wirelessly. The RFID reader is comprised of an antenna, transceiver, processor, power supply and an interface that is connected to a host computer at the school—and the battery does not need to be replaced. Passive tags can be embedded in the school bag of each student, when the student enters or departs the bus, the date, time and location can be transmitted to the schools database. Bus drivers will not have to do a manual headcount before departing to and from school.Student Tracking        Borrowing from our RFID Personnel Tracking system, we can explore a way to enable parents or the school to receive an instant SMS alert when the school bus arrives at the school location. Student tracking allows parents to have peace of mind.Vehicle Tracking and MaintenanceOur RFID Asset Tracking System is used in other industries such as logistics, and our real-time tracking abilities may be applied to school bus vehicles as they travel throughout their pickup points. In cases of emergency, being able to immediately locate school buses means the greater possibility of safety.

Integrating  Our RFID System with Your Transportation Management System

After working with you to explore and develop a suitable RFID system, it will be able integrated with your existing management system.Contact us for more information on how we can leverage our RFID experience to develop a solution for your organization in the School Bus Transportation industry.]]>

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