RFID Systems for Telecommunications Carriers

  • Tracking data center assets and expensive equipment
  • Tracking service truck inventory
  • RFID-enabled handsets for payment processing
  • Keeping track of the expensive equipment throughout the telecommunications facilities and ensuring adequate inventory levels are important tasks. Traditionally, these processes required lots time to complete and were susceptible to human error. With RFID technology, these processes are virtually labour-free and are conducted in minutes with high accuracy.

    The GAO RFID Systems for Telecommunications Carriers

    GAO RFID solutions have many elements that are particularly helpful to running a telecommunications carrier service. Asset Tracking From laptops to specialized telecommunications equipment, it is important for Telecommunications Carriers to keep track of these expensive assets to ensure that they are being properly used in the field and to prevent loss or theft. By tagging every item with an RFID Tag, managers can track all assets in real-time to gain insight on exactly where the item is located and who is using it. Personnel Tracking With the entire community and city being the workspace of Telecommunications Carriers, it is very important for the organization to have full visibility of employee location and productivity. By assigning RFID Badges to each personnel, managers can quickly track and monitor personnel as they move through the facility or travel to customer sites to ensure employee security and efficiency. Inventory Management Traditionally, each service truck carrying equipment and inventory would need to be manually inspected to confirm inventory levels prior to leaving for a customer site. This process would be time consuming and was not without human error. If all of the inventory was identified by RFID Tags, the inventory process could be completed within seconds, allowing technicians to efficiently answer service calls to boost productivity. Access Control In the Telecommunications Carrier industry, security is a serious matter. Only authorized personnel can enter specific zones to conduct work and an effective and automated method of granting access is required. Using the GAO RFID Access Control System, every employee can be given an RFID Badge with specific access levels programmed into the badge so that access to areas is specifically controlled. Using this technology, all access activity is logged so that managers can quickly and easily review access data to ensure maximum security.

    Integrating our Solution with your telecommunications carrier service provider

    The GAO RFID System for Telecommunications Carriers can be efficiently deployed as a standalone solution, automatically taking care of every micro-management detail so as to not distract the team while they connect calls and handle day-to-day operations. It can also be integrated with other software solution according to the development team’s needs. Our RFID solutions seamlessly work itself into the technical aspect of the telecommunications service. To make our solution a part of your team, contact us for more information.    ]]>

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