RFID Systems for Telephone Call Centres

  • Tracking assets
  • Tracking personnel
  • Maintaining equipment
  • By providing RFID solutions to help Call Centre teams track assets and maintain equipment managers will have a clear view over employee location within the centre. Being able to track and monitor the key resources in the Call Centre environment can ensure a lean and profitable operation that is on mark.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Telephone Call Centres

    There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes to keep everything moving and to make sure all of the customer’s demands are met with the company’s telephone call centre. Using GAO RFID Systems, operations will be optimized and made more efficient. Asset Tracking Tracking equipment such as laptops, phones, and other electronic devices is crucial to ensure company investments stay useful within the organization. Once tagged with an RFID Tag, every price of equipment is automatically traceable using our RFID Asset Tracking System, providing administrators with real-time information on equipment availability and movement throughout the facility. Personnel Tracking By providing RFID Badges to every employee, employee location can be easily monitored and logged for future audits. When an employee leaves one zone, she then uses her RFID Badge to enter another through a locked door. All of this information is logged into the database and it can be accessed by administrators using our RFID Personnel Tracking System and printing employee access reports. Equipment Maintenance Because the Telephone Call Centre industry relies heavily on its equipment in order to do its job, it is important for managers to clearly and accurately record maintenance history for all equipment and set automatic notifications to notify them of upcoming maintenance. This can be accomplished by tagging every item with RFID Tags. This equates to equipment that is constantly being serviced to ensure safe and efficient results when call centre staff deal with customers.

    Integrating our RFID Solution with your Telephone Call Centre

    The GAO RFID Systems for Telephone Call Centres can be efficiently deployed as an integrated solution that adds onto your existing Call Centre software, taking care of micro-management and input and output features. It can also be integrated with other software solutions according to the development team’s needs. Contact us for more information on how our GAO RFID Systems for Telephone Call Centres can be configured for your organization.]]>

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