Applying RFID to Universities

  • Tracking and managing attendees’ report cards and other personal documentation
  • Managing the cleaning logs for multiple buildings and residences on campus
  • Checking staff and student identification when necessary
  • Tracking missing or lost electronic or laboratory equipment


RFID Solution for Universities

Our RFID experience may be able to help automate these administrative tasks so that staff and students, professors and researchers can focus on their own personal goals within a safe and secure institution.

University Equipment Management and Tracking Just like any other institution focused on learning, a university faces unique challenges with regards to the equipment that it owns. The large scale of these challenges can be observed by monitoring the number of lecture halls, dining halls, textbooks, stores, merchandise, lab equipment, computers and other electronic devices, as well as sensitive library material that a university houses. All of the equipment on campus requires maintenance. If stolen or lost, an item requires a way to be monitored and/or replaced. Tagging and tracking the valuable equipment with Tamper-proof RFID Tags in your organization allows you to quickly track items if they are missing. By working together, we may able to create a solution that enables the tracking, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment, keeping the equipment safe, secure, and readily available for your organization’s needs.

Managing Staff Attendance and Productivity The key to a productive education institution is based on the efficiency of its staff. Professor and administrative staff attendance or caretaker and grounds maintenance staff productivity monitoring can all be tracked and integrated into a payroll management system using the GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System.

Control of Access on Campus and Security Systems Numerous lecture halls, buildings, gyms, parking area, doors, cafeteria and fields bring a slew of unique challenges to keeping staff and students as safe and secure as possible. The management of the people who enter the campus is necessary to ensure reduced risk of potential harm. The security of your organization begins with the safety of staff, teachers and students. The GAO RFID Access Control System is a fully automated method of granting and restricting access to specific zones on university property to ensure limited access to certain parts of campus when necessary.

Tracking Students, Teachers, Visitors and Unknown Personnel Identifying and locating students and staff in your organization is a necessary part of maintaining their safety and security. With our GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System, we enable administrative staff to locate professors, students and support staff at a moment’s notice, should the need arise. A set of specialized RFID Badges with integrated alarms can ensure the safety of professors, staff and students in case of danger from unknown sources. Once activated, the tag can message the monitoring system with the person’s identity and location to ensure quickest possible reaction time from either security or law enforcement.

Integration of GAO RFID Solutions with your Education Management System The function of an RFID or radio frequency identification system is to collect in real time the identification of objects and personnel as well as all associated data. The challenge arises when it’s time to put that collected information to work, such as integrating RFID-generated data into educational applications, so that essential information can be viewed, analyzed, applied and presented to end users. Competency assessment software, payroll systems, and decision support management tools are used to help make other educational and instructional processes more efficient. It is essential that an RFID solution is compatible with such systems. GAO RFID systems are designed for easy integration and compatibility. GAO’s AUTO-ID Engine incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions, plus GAO RFID’s hardware and system integration expertise make it easy to integrate with all educational systems that are currently used. Through our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by GAO RFID systems are seamlessly integrated with your organization’s IT infrastructure.

At GAO RFID, we are committed to working with you to explore how we can use RFID to meet all of your needs. Please contact us to see how we can start working together today.