RFID Systems for Vessel Transportation

  • Managing the import and export goods
  • Tracking shipments and rented equipment
  • Checking the vessels for damage
  • Categorizing and managing vessel departure and arrival logs
  • Maintaining vessels
  • GAO RFID Systems help to provide automation services for these tasks so that your organization is better equipped to service your customers well. Our RFID solutions offer increased security of your vessels and safety of the staff on board the vessel and operating the machinery inside the warehouse.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Vessel Transportation

    At GAO RFID, we believe that your organization is better equipped to serve clients only if you and your employees feel safe, secure and comfortable in your work place. Our RFID solutions aid you to manage equipment, inventory and time, as well as control access to secure and restricted areas of the warehouse and vessel. In doing so, we give you the tools to be able to empower you in such a way that your organization stands out as being fast, reliable and secure for all your clients and employees.Automation of Equipment Management and Inventory DataImports and exports are a large-scale, multi-faceted business that poses a variety of challenges both within the warehouse and on the vessel. Warehouse equipment as well as shipments need to be protected and safe from both weather and theft. RFID Tags can help aid your organization with these unique challenges by protecting shipments leaving and arriving at the warehouse or vessel. Import and export logs and production require a lot of supplies those which need to be accounted for daily. In order for your organization to run smoothly, it is vital that inventory data is automated so that items, vessels and personnel on the vessel and in the warehouse are traceable. GAO RFID solutions can provide you with automation of logs so that maintaining and managing equipment is easier and faster.Monitoring Personnel ActivitySecurity at the dock facility and onboard the vessel is always a top priority for Vessel Transportation organizations. By assigning RFID Badges to every employee, you are able to track their work times, their access to different zones in the facility and on the vessel, and in cases of emergency; they can be remotely located using our web-based management interface. All of this data is readily available for review via reports on our RFID Personnel Tracking System, making the management and safety of your personnel a much easier process.Access Control on the Vessel Vessels carry shipments both large in volume and in monetary value. In order to protect the vessel and the shipment on the vessel, it is vital that the vessel, the personnel and the shipments are traceable at all times. GAO RFID Access Control System provides your organization with tags for the shipment and the vessel so that they are easily traceable. In addition, all personnel on the vessel can RFID Badges that include all employee data so that in the event of an emergency or security breaches access to areas can be blocked remotely. This also helps to secure the vessel and provide safety to all personnel.

    Integrating GAO RFID Systems with your Vessel Transportation Management Software

    The function of a RFID or radio frequency identification system is to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. Integrating RFID-generated data is a challenge that GAO RFID ensure can be viewed, traced and identified at the ease of your organization’s needs. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about how our RFID solutions can be easily integrated into your Vessel Transportation organization’s pre-existing software.   ]]>

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