Stand-Alone Parking RFID System


Active RFID Control Software is a desktop application designed specifically for GAO’s 2.45GHz active readers and tags. This software utilizes all the features supported by the tags and provides a generalized software solution suitable for various RFID applications.


  • Supports All Features of GAO 2.45GHz TagsGAO 2.45GHz tags provide many useful features such as temperature measurement, vibration and movement detection, tamper proofing , emergency or panic calling and beaconing. The user can choose to use some or all these features that are suitble to the application.
  • Real-Time Monitoring With GAO 2.45GHz active RFID technology, the readers are able to read tags from up to 100 meters away. This extensive reading range allows an entire site to be covered at all time by a few readers. All the tags are monitored in real time. Any status change of any tag will be detected and displayed to the user right away.
  • Customizable Alerts In the software, the user can configure a set of alert conditions such as temperature above/below certain threshold, tag moved, tag leaving reading range, tag removed from asset and more. When an alert condition is met, the corresponding tag is highlighted on the screen, an alert message is shown to the user and an alarm sound is played. Making use of these alerts makes it much easier to monitor your site and address any unusual activities.
  • Customizable Reporting All the tag read records and alert events are stored in the system and can be used for reporting purposes later. When generating reports, the user can limit or filter the number of records by specify different criteria such as date/time limit, tag ID or reader name .
  • Tag Filter Through the software interface, the user is able to select the types of tags to be processed in the system in order to eliminate irrelevant tag records and improve performance.
  • Multiple Deployment Options Available
GAO’s Active RFID Sensor Control Management Software is available in the following forms:
  • Off-the-shelf software to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
  • Off-the-shelf cloud services (SaaS)
  • Customized software to meet your exact needs to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
  • Customized cloud services (SaaS) hosted on our cloud server or your private cloud server
  • Powered by GAO Auto-ID Engine with such functions as middleware, drivers, Web interface, reporting engine and ERP module


  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.