RFID Systems for Waste Collection Services

  • Managing the separation of recyclables
  • Monitoring and tracking the waste collection fleet
  • Checking and tracking off-site personnel
  • Tracking and Managing plastics and other recyclables documentation
  • Using GAO RFID Systems in the Waste Collection Services Industry

    GAO RFID Systems created for the Waste Collection services industry can help to automate these administrative tasks and more so as to ensure the efficient operation of the manufacturing plant. GAO RFID solutions help ensure the increased safety and security of your employees, the maintenance and theft control over equipment, and the efficiency of managing waste products. Tracking your Fleet The industry depends on sending waste collection vehicles to pickup waste at different locations. Due to this, the visibility of the waste collection fleet is imperative to an organization’s success. Using our Asset Tracking System, managers can tag each vehicle with an RFID Tag—this tag stores all of the vehicle’s unique information including department, vehicle type, last location, and maintenance history. With this information readily available and the ability to track each vehicle’s location in real-time, our RFID Asset Tracking System is indispensable to the fleet managers in the industry.  Time Management Our RFID Tags can link trash and recycling bins to haulers so that they don’t spend unnecessary time searching for the waste. The items can be tagged with RFID tags so that they can be tracked efficiently and in real time. In addition, employees can have RFID badges embedded with employee information that can be easily integrated with an existing payroll. All of these items are tracked by our Asset Tracking and Personnel Tracking Systems to ensure data is recorded and available for managers to review via our intuitive web-enabled software. Document Tracking and Management With so many different elements such as plain old land-fill trash, to the various recyclables, i.e. aluminum, plastics and glass, the document management of all the nuances of these different elements are extremely important to the success of your waste collection plant. Our RFID Asset Tracking System can aid in micromanaging these documents so that they are accessible for real-time review at any given point of time. Every document is affixed with an RFID Tag and the unique information identifying the documents is written on the Tags. This information is synchronized with the database so that managers have full visibility on the collection of documents. At any time a document is required, the Asset Tracking System uses the RFID Readers to sense where the document is located, making it quick and easy for staff to locate the document and have it ready for review. Access Control and Restricted Zones Access control to the waste management zones is of utmost importance in keeping both employees and visitors to the site safe and secure. Danger zones with multiple different elemental hazards and waste management equipment need to be accessible only to authorized personnel. The GAO RFID Access Control System makes use of RFID Badges to enable your organization’s use of an automated way of granting and restricting access to zones to only authorized personnel. 

    Integrating our RFID Systems with your Management Software

    GAO RFID’s Systems can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to your needs. At the core of our solution is GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine which incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions that perform RFID data collection and information processing. Our AUTO-ID Engine seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of management systems so that you can access the data it collects directly via the system or systems you currently have in place. Our team of seasoned professionals will smoothly integrate the appropriate GAO RFID Solution with your IT architecture. The result is an RFID solution that is seamlessly unified with your management system. Contact us for more information on how our RFID Systems can be configured for your organization.  ]]>

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