RFID Tags by Frequency


GAO offers a large selection of RFID tags or transponders using different radio frequencies including Active 2.45 GHz, Active 433 MHz, Ultra High Frequency (UHF 865-868 or 902-928), High Frequency (13.56 MHz), and Low Frequencies (125 kHz and 134 kHz) that can be read by compatible RFID readers; each frequency has its unique benefits that provide customers a way to track assets in even the most challenging environments.

GAO’s RFID tags or transponders comply with various international standards such as ISO and EPCGlobal Gen 2. GAO’s RFID tags and readers are designed to work together seamlessly and their compatibility have been extensively tested in the labs, as well as in the field.

For tracking assets up to 100 meters away, Active 2.45 GHz and Active UHF 433 MHz tags are the required frequencies to use. If you are looking to track items at a range of 5+ meters that is popular in industries such as supply chain or manufacturing, pass UHF 865-868 or 902-928 tags should considered. For closer proximity reading High Frequency passive 13.56 MHz is a great choice, while the Low Frequencies 125 kHz and 134 kHz would work better in environments with high liquid and metal content.

Find RFID Tags by Frequency

If you have any questions about any of our RFID tags and want to know which frequency would work best for you, one of our Experts will be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today!