What is Personnel Locating—a Detailed Description

How does Personnel Locating promote safety? Personnel who operate in challenging and extreme work environments are provided tags that enable the logging of their movements from one zone to another. This allows you to track and pinpoint their exact location and provide immediate response and protection, particularly in emergency situations where safety is a concern. How does Personnel Locating provide security? Access to certain zones in your work environment can be controlled and assigned to visitors, staff, and contractors based on security level. This protects your business, personnel, and intellectual property from unexpected security issues. How does Personnel Locating encourage accountability? Personnel time and attendance can be automatically logged and exported into detailed reports. This reduces costly payroll errors while increasing employee transparency and productivity. Here are some common questions Personnel Locating can answer for businesses:

  • We need a way to give access to zones to only some of our personnel
  • We need a solution that helps us identify and locate patients on our hospital floor
  • We are looking for technology that can help with muster drills
  • We’re looking for an evacuation monitoring solution
  • We need to track our personnel in real-time
  • Is there a way to automate the logging of employee start and end times for payroll?
Personnel Locating using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the answer to these problems that you and thousands of businesses face each year.

 Personnel Locating using RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used for Personnel Locating. Using RFID technology integrated into wearable tags such as lanyards, ID badges, and wristbands allows any component of a workforce to be tracked. As personnel move through different zones within a business environment, the wearable RFID tags broadcast their locations. This provides a way to identify and locate each member of the workforce which increases workplace safety in day-to-day operations and provides a comprehensive solution that monitors worker presence during emergency situations. A popular example where Personnel Locating is used is in an underground mining environment. A mining site typically consists of several kilometres of mine tunnel and scattered operation positions, requiring its workforce to be highly mobile. In this scenario, locator technology is used to transmit data that provides location tracking information for personnel and equipment, enhancing underground mining production safety and disaster relief ability. By using a Personnel Locating system, you are ensuring that your business is taking the highest level of precaution in safety for your employees.

Does your business need Personnel Locating?

Wondering if your organization can benefit from Personnel Locating? The following questions can help you to decide: Does your business environment regularly receive visitors and contractors on-site? Knowing where all personnel are (especially third parties) can enhance the safety and efficiency of your work environment. Is recording employee attendance and start/end times a challenge for payroll administration? Personnel Locating provides the added benefit of tracking employee time and attendance. The information can then be easily imported into most popular payroll administration software. Is it a challenge for muster captains to conduct manual evacuation drills? When personnel are mustered at specific gathering points, locating technology can monitor and record each worker’s presence, significantly reducing roll calls to a matter of minutes. Does your health care environment require the ability of knowing where your doctors or patients are within the building? Personnel Locating can help improve patient care by optimizing resources and ensuring real-time visibility of patient locations. Does your onshore and offshore environment require a method to track arrival and departure of personnel? Using RFID, Personnel Locating can provide safety and accountability to personnel on board by tracking personnel location, worker certification, and providing access to only allowable zones. Is your business operating in remote or extreme environments where safety is an everyday concern? Personnel Locating provides the ability to track locations of people and report exactly who is on-site at any point in time. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then GAO Personnel Locating can help you improve safety and accountability in your organization.  ]]>

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