RFID Systems for Automobile Dealers

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  • Managing and maintaining automobile equipment
  • Access control to offices and cars
  • Tracking and monitoring staff and maintenance personnel
  • Inventory management and tracking

Our RFID Systems help in automating the managing, maintaining, tracking and controlling many aspects of your organization’s business tasks.

Using GAO RFID Systems in the Automobile Dealers Industry

The GAO RFID System for Automobile Dealers ensures that your priority stays with your clients. It is vital that your organization has the visibility it needs to maintain, track and manage equipment and personnel in your organization; every aspect of this is critical to your organization’s success.

Management and Maintenance of Equipment 

From tools and garage equipment to car repairs and engine maintenance, your dealership is responsible for protecting and ensuring its assets are at their optimum condition. By installing RFID Tags onto each piece of equipment you are equipped with the ability to automate the maintenance schedule of important garage equipment and track the location of the equipment in case they go missing. This ensures that all of your equipment is working to standard and none of your expensive assets are lost. Using our Asset Tracking System, you will have complete visibility on the whereabouts of your equipment and can set parameters that will trigger alerts when certain assets pass through areas that are prohibited and require your immediate attention.

Inventory Tracking and Management

As an Automobile Dealer, your number one asset is your vehicle inventory. With an expansive lot and hundreds of vehicles on site at a time, it is important to have a clear idea of what vehicles are on hand and where they are located. Our Asset Management System uses RFID Vehicle Tags that provide a unique identification to each vehicle. With RFID Readers constantly reading the locations of the vehicles, you will be able to track and locate your inventory in real-time to ensure optimum inventory levels and drastically reduce the probability of theft. This equates to boosting your ability to sell the vehicles your clients are looking for!

Controlling Access to Offices Parking Garages

GAO’s RFID Access Control System lets you provide your employee with RFID Badges that only identify who they are, but grant them access to different zones across your dealership. Certain areas need to off-limits to customers due to safety regulations, while at the same time, need to be accessible to your employees. For your garage and parking lot areas, the RFID Vehicle Tags installed onto each car will automatically trigger the opening of parking gates and allow your vehicles to enter—all while logging the vehicle details and access time in the database.

Have a Clear View of your Employee Productivity

Our Personnel Tracking System can provide you with minute-to-minute updates on personnel location and the duration spent at certain stations. The RFID Badges worn by your employees will emit their location to the RFID Readers installed across the dealership, providing you with detailed information on employee locations throughout the day. This is especially useful if your dealership is ever confronted with a security threat—you will be able to locate and track personnel in harm’s way so that the situation can be responded to in the quickest amount of time.

Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

It is essential that your organization have to tools to present your end results to your own clients and customers. This includes the analysis of data as well as managing competency assessment software, Payroll systems, and decision support management tools are used to help make your organization more efficient.

It is absolutely essential that an RFID solution is compatible with such systems. GAO AUTO-ID Engine’s hardware and system integration expertise makes it easy to adopt our RFID Systems to any pre-existing system. Using our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by our RFID systems are effectively passed on to your organization’s system of integrated applications.


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