RFID Systems for Clothing & Accessories Stores

  • Maintaining and Managing Out Going Merchandise for Inventory
  • Access and Security Control to the Store
  • Checking and Tracking New Arrivals
  • Tracking Lost and Missing Merchandise and other Equipment.
  • GAO RFID Systems can help your organization to automate these tasks and keep your clothing and accessories stores organized and primed for success.

    Using GAO RFID Systems in the Clothing and Accessories Stores Industry

    Our RFID Systems are designed for the Clothing and Accessories Services industry to help deal with the logistics of merchandising, inventory management, data management, employee and customer tracking, as well as storage requirements.Managing and Tracking Valuable Equipment The majority of your company’s work relies heavily on the merchandise brought in and how it is displayed. It is essential that equipment is both traceable and managed for updates and repairs. Your organization’s equipment can be tracked using RFID Tags. The tags can be used to monitor the equipment’s next scheduled delivery requirement as well as track lost and missing equipment. Our Asset Tracking System can secure your assets by informing you of the asset’s precise location in real-time.Controlling Access to the Storefront and Warehouse  We strongly believe that the security of your organization begins with the safety of your staff and your products. With products and equipment that are vital to the success of your organization, it is necessary that you minimize and eliminate to the possibility of loss from shoplifting or internal theft. Our Access Control System grants and restricts employees and customers from accessing specific areas at your store. While your retail staff may have access to all areas, warehouse employees may only be restricted to the warehouse, and customers need to be kept off limits—all without the use of traditional keys. Every employee can be given an RFID Badge which provides them access to the different zones in your retail space. In addition, access can be programmed based on time so that employees can granted hours during store hours while being denied access overnight.Tracking and Managing Inventory LevelsClothes and accessories are essentially the final product upon which your organization’s success is determined. Having the right inventory on hand at the right time is crucial to retail success. Using our Asset Tracking System, your employees can easily take inventory of all products on the retail floor and the warehouse with a wave of an RFID Handheld Reader. These readers can count multiple articles of clothing at a time and quickly tally inventory levels. This saves your employees time and ensures you have the most accurate count so that you can reorder the inventory that is required.

    Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

    RFID technology is used to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data, and it is our priority to seamlessly incorporate the collected date into your existing management system so that the data can be used quickly to make mission-critical business decisions.GAO RFID uses an AUTO-ID Engine to incorporate middleware and essential RFID functions to allow for a smooth transition into your organization’s system of integrated applications.Contact us to see how GAO RFID systems can be integrated into your organization. ]]>

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