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GVS – IoT, RFID, Cloud & Drones

Hosted By GAO RFID Inc.

This part of the GVS is hosted by GAO RFID Inc. Its presentations cover IoT, RFID, Cloud, Drone and related technologies such as M2M (Machine To Machine), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), WSN (Wireless Sensor Network), UWB (Ultra Wide Band), Zigbee, Industry 4.0, RTLS (Real-Time Location System), covering their technical principles, applications in supply chain, people/asset/material/vehicle/fleet/item-level tracking, parking, access control, inventory control, construction, manufacturing, utilities, mining and various industries, market trends, and start-up opportunities. The information on attending on this webpage is applicable to GVS – IoT, RFID, Cloud, Drone, Hosted by GAO RFID Inc. as well as to GVS – Emerging ICT Technologies, Hosted by GAO Tek Inc.

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