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UHF 433MHz Active Compact RFID Reader

This UHF active compact reader’s read range is 1.6 – 490 ft (0.5 – 150 m), instantly reports detected tags, is powered via RS232, and is standalone when connected over USB.

ID: 214013

UHF 433MHz Compact Rugged Active RFID Reader

This compact rugged standalone reader provides instant reporting of all detected Wavetrend active tags and supports a wide variety of antennas that can read up to 490 ft (150 m).

ID: 214042

UHF 860- 960 MHz Desktop Ethernet Reader

This Desktop PoE reader is a mid-range reader licensed according to ETSI, FCC and IC. Due to its very compact design, it is best suited for integration in machines as well as office applications.

ID: 216034

UHF 860- 960 MHz Industrial 4-Port UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader

This UHF 4-port reader is compliant with ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C standards, communicates via multiple interfaces, and reads/writes up to 26.2 / 13.1 ft (8 / 4 m), respectively.

ID: 216022

UHF 860-960 MHz 16 Port Passive RFID Reader

This UHF 16 port reader has a long range of up to 39 ft (12 m), is compliant with multiple communication interfaces, and provides 4 GPIO controls.

ID: 216020

UHF 860-960 MHz 4 Port Passive RFID Reader

This rugged UHF 4-port reader has an IP52 rating, reads tags up to 30 ft (9 m), has optional Wi Fi connectivity, and can read up to 400 tags per second.

ID: 236016

UHF 860-960 MHz Bluetooth RFID Key Fob Reader

This USB/Bluetooth key fob reader is compliant with ISO18000-6C/EPC C1G2 standards, has an integrated linear polarized antenna, and reads tags up to 2.95 ft (0.90 m) away.

ID: 246021

UHF 860-960 MHz Bluetooth USB Handheld Reader/Writer

This multi-regional flexible UHF Bluetooth/USB handheld reader offers flexible data transfer options, connects easily to smart devices, and has a 16.4 ft (5 m) read range.

ID: 246008

UHF 860-960 MHz Compact RFID Reader/Writer

This multiple communication interface UHF compact reader/writer is compliant to the ISO18000-6C standard and has a read range of up to 11.8” (30 cm).

ID: 236034

UHF 860-960 MHz Desktop RFID Reader Writer

This global standalone UHF reader/writer has a built-in antenna that reads up to 1.64 ft (0.5 m) and includes a free SDK.

ID: 236007

UHF 860-960 MHz Fixed RFID Reader/Writer w/ 2 Antenna ports

This global UHF 2 antenna port reader uses its Autopilot mode to sense and optimize its configuration for the best performance possible, supports PoE, and reads 300 tags per second.

ID: 236018

UHF 860-960 MHz High Performance Integrated Passive RFID Reader

This UHF high performance integrated reader has 64 MB of DRAM memory, 32 MB of flash memory, and SSL / SSH-based security features.

ID: 236013

UHF 860-960 MHz Industrial RFID Reader

This built-in omni-directional UHF reader supports multiple protocols, multiple interfaces, a fast read/write speed, and a read range of up to 19.6 ft (6 m).

ID: 216023

UHF 860-960 MHz Long-Range Integrated RFID Reader

This multiple interface UHF long-range integrated reader is an ideal solution for intelligent logistics applications, has a built-in antenna, and reads up to 49 ft (15 m).

ID: 216021

UHF 860-960 MHz RFID Reader/Writer w/ 4 Antenna Ports

This global 4-port high performance UHF reader/writer supports PoE, enterprise-class management and monitoring, and reads up to 430 tags per second.

ID: 236015

UHF 860-960 MHz RFID USB Bluetooth Reader

This universal UHF USB/Bluetooth reader has a dual linear polarized (horizontal & vertical) built-in antenna with optional barcode imager and is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac.

ID: 216028

UHF 900 MHz GenTop Standalone RFID Reader/Writer

This standalone UHF reader/writer supports North American and European Union protocols, is IP40 rated, and has a built-in antenna that reads up to 4″ (10.16 cm).

ID: 236004

UHF Gen 2 Rain reader

Features:  Enterprise-grade reliability and security—Secure and field-upgrade-able; built on a heritage of best-in-class reliability Designed for enterprise-grade deployments—High-speed processing power and superior receive sensitivity for next-generation, enterprise RAIN applications Connects like other IoT devices—Easily connect to IoT applications with RESTful API and support for popular IoT data transfer technologies Build powerful, custom solutions—Embed powerful, custom […]

ID: 216043

UHF Gen2 Handheld RFID Reader (iOS Compatible)

246028 Combo Gun-Type handheld device is a combination of a long-range UHF RFID Watt reader/writer as well as a 2D/1D Barcode scanner.

ID: 246028

UHF Integrated Antenna Reader

Overview: GAORFID 216036 UHF integrated antenna reader Writer is a powerful ATEX & IECEx certified reader/writer, especially suited for tracking critical items and vehicle identification in hazardous environments, which require explosion-protected equipment such as the chemical, petrochemical, gas filling stations, refinery, onshore /offshore plants and nuclear industries.   Main Features and Applications: Logistics Track and […]

ID: 216036

UHF RFID Desktop Reader RS232/LAN

Features:   The Standalone RFID Reader/Writer designed for the desktop or wall-mount application. It communicates through built-in RS-232 (Serial) or Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection from your PC or laptop. It supports both EPC Class1 GEN 1 (ISO-18000-6B ) and GEN 2 (,  ISO-18000-6C ) Protocols operating in the global UHF 860-960 MHz band. Frequency range: 860-960 […]

ID: 236049

UHF RFID Integrated Reader/Writer with a Built-in Antenna

This UHF RFID integrated reader/writer has a 9dBi circular antenna built inside and provides a reading distance of up to 65 feet (20m) and is IP 66 rated for outdoor use.

ID: 216031

UHF RFID Reader System/xArray Gateway

This low profile UHF xArray gateway reader provides always-on and wide-area monitoring, intelligent item locating, and updates inventory information with real-time location information, all without human intervention.

ID: 236036

UHF Robust Industry and Railway RFID Reader

This robust industry and railway approved RFID reader offers bulk-reading capability and provides a maximum reading distance of up to 16.4 feet (5m) depending on the transponder type and environmental conditions.

ID: 216029

UHF/HF/LF/Barcode/Infrared Android Tablet Mobile Reader

This rugged, powerful, multiple configuration capable (LF/HF/UHF) advanced Android tablet is IP67 rated, has an LCD screen capable of being read under sunlight, and has a long battery life.

ID: 246025


Features Up to 18 Meters with Linear Polarized Up to 15 meters with Circular Polarized Antenna (tag and environment dependent) Specific Frequency Bands Available for your Country Choice of : Vertically linear polarized/Horizontally linear polarized/Circular polarized Ruggedized designed : Drop test 1.2 meters on 6 surface,IP54 rated Optional 2d Barcode Scanner Module Works with all […]

ID: 246041

USB Enabled 13.56 MHz HF RFID Reader/Writer

This mouse sized, plug and play 13.56 MHz reader connects to a desktop’s USB port for data transmission and power while detecting tags within 1.2” (3 cm).

ID: 223015