Global Market Reports Featuring GAO RFID

Why Trust GAO RFID and the GAO Group of  Companies?

GAO RFID has been featured and continues to be features in global market reports as one of the top 10 RFID companies globally.  These reports cover a multitude of industries and some report by frequency or by system.  We’ve always been dedicated to providing quality hardware, software and systems to businesses across the U.S.A , Canada and globally and these reports help support our claims, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

RFID Hardware

We offer a wide variety of hardware from RFID Readers, RFID Tags, antennas and more that come in a variety of frequencies.  Our RFID Tags come in a variety of styles from access cards to wet inlay stickers to hazardous materials to tracking tampering and much more.  So many we can’t list them here but you can shop all our varieties of RFID Tags. Regardless of the industry or type of system you are establishing we will likely have the correct frequency, readers and tags to fit your needs.

RFID Systems & Software

Many of these reports are based on industries.  Building RFID solutions for industries is where we thrive.  Our software and hardware marry together to create systems that can track, count or provide access.  Whether you need to track employees in the workplace for safety or security reasons, or you need to track inventory through your production chain or you need to grant access to certain work areas, our systems are the solution.

Below we have conveniently tracked all the mentions in these reports and organized them by industry, frequency or hardware type.  Click on any one below to see the report information and where we’ve been mentioned as a leading RFID provider.