Global Market Study on RFID Tags: Logistics and Transportation Sector to Excessively Deploy RFID Tags in the Years to Follow

 GAORFID is a world leader in RFID products, systems and solutions. Our comprehensive selection of RFID readers and RFID tags cover a wide range of frequencies. We also offer specialty RFID readers and tags that are customized to meet various specific needs of every industry. Not only that GAORFID also offers RFID peripherals such as RFID printers, relay controllers, antennas, transmission terminals etc. With over 20 years of experience and over 1000 RFID systems deployed in more than 40 countries, GAORFID has earned itself a reputation of being a professional and reliable company.GAORFID’s success has been recognized by market research companies which carry out market research on thousands of industries worldwide. It has been recognized as a key player in several sectors across the world by the market research provider companies.Global Market Study on RFID Tags: Logistics and Transportation Sector to Excessively Deploy RFID Tags in the Years to FollowThis report discusses global RFID Tag market with respect to logistics and transportation. In 2017, logistics and transportation emerged as the leading application sector for RFID tags. It is further expected to dominate the RFID Tag market in the coming years. The report also discusses drivers, obstacles, and predictions in the global market.The global market is anticipated to account for a valuation of about US$ 8,346 Million by 2025 increasing from an estimation of about US$ 3,911 Million in the year 2017. It analyzes prominent global RFID companies.The prominent global RFID companies are:

  • Zebra Technologies Corp.
  • Omni-Id, Inc.
  • GAO RFID Inc.
  • Impinj, inc.
  • Alien Technology
  • Confidex Ltd
  • Honeywell International
  • Invengo Information Technology
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • HID Global Corporation
  • Others
The report gives an assessment of market conditions, and presents a value chain analysis of the products and applications in concern. It names GAORFID as a prominent global RFID Tag manufacturer for the Logistics and Transportation Sector.GAORFID Tags for Logistics & Transportation SectorRFID-based technology is being implemented in the Logistics & Transportation Sector to improve transportation security and safety. The use of RFID tags is also on the rise in this sector because of stealing and counterfeit related issues and also to track real-time shipments. GAORFID offers RFID Tags and RFID Readers in different frequencies for all these purposes.]]>


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