RFID Systems for Libraries

  • Checking inventory of latest book/audio/video arrivals
  • Tracking reading and audio materials
  • Managing computer equipment
  • Tracking stolen or lost library cards
  • GAO RFID’s Systems can help automate the tracking, managing, maintaining, and inventory checks to aid your organization optimize its daily functioning.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Libraries

    Since Libraries encompass valuable materials such as books, archived newspapers, audio books and audio CDs, DVDs and other forms of video, GAO RFID’s Systems can help to protect and maintain these assets so that future generations can continue to enjoy them. They also hold a variety of different technological equipment that is both expensive and necessary for their daily function. From ordering books to holding books to returns, there are a variety of different tasks that are a key part to the efficient functioning of the library. GAO RFID System for libraries can help with all of these tasks to ease the administrative responsibilities of staff so that they can do what they do best: encourage reading and learning in all those who walk in through your organization’s doors. Management of Library Materials via Sorting, Checkouts and Returns A key part of the library’s daily functioning is to sort through incoming, duplicate and outgoing books. In order to best do these tasks, GAO RFID’s solutions can help to make self-service checkouts an integral part of the organization. In addition, checkouts and returns can be put into drop boxes, which via RFID Tags can help sort, place, and distribute to the appropriate section of the library. Tracking Equipment and Materials As libraries have materials and equipment available to the public, it is vital that these valuables are traceable and kept safe and secure GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System can provide your library with RFID Tags to ensure that the moment an item is either stolen or misplaced, it can be traced with ease. Monitoring the equipment, thereby, becomes a much easier task for your organization’s administrative staff. It is, also, important that the valuables are checked and maintained for wear and tear. GAO RFID’s System can aid in automating reminders for monthly, annual or bi-annual checks for equipment that requires upgrading or replacement. Controlling Access to Special Zones Meeting rooms, employee lounges, and storage areas—basically any zone partitioned by doors can be monitored and controlled using the GAO RFID Access Control System. By providing employees and visitors RFID badges, access to zones is controlled at each and every doorway. You can remotely set and change access levels for every RFID badge and activity is logged by the system so that you can view reports to see how the zones in each area are doing.

    Integrating GAO RFID’s System with your Library’s Pre-existing System

    Since RFID uses radio frequency identification software, it can be integrated into any pre-existing system. GAO RFID’s suite of solutions can be integrated with numerous systems that are currently utilized by libraries all around the world. We give you RFID Systems that are easy to see, materials that are easily comprehensible so that you are able to make your organization a better fit for all your employees and the persons who use the facility. We are dedicated to giving you all the information that you need. Please do not hesitate to contact GAO RFID to see how we can service your organization’s needs.    ]]>

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