RFID Systems for Movie and Video Production Studios

  • Tag all film equipment which will work to help you in its storage as well as guarding against theft
  • Secure the premises of where you are filming with high-tech RFID access
  • As inventory begins to disappear, automatically fill out a new order as needed
  • Gain access to invaluable logistics and data analysis
  • Manage your crew better through accessing a real-time database of employee performance
  • In the movie and video production industry, efficient operations are of utmost importance. With the capability of GAO RFID’s Systems, there’s no wonder many have chosen to adapt it to their current film business needs. Reap the benefits of real-time information that can be accessed easily and remotely by a business manager as required. This ultimately translates in labour and cost reductions as you see your production carry out tasks faster and more accurately than before.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Movie and Video Production Studios

    See faster authentication of personnel, higher quality tracking be employed with equipment, and more oversight in performance with GAO RFID Systems for  Movie and Video Production Studios. RFID Tags can store far more information than conventional barcode labeling or manual counting. Optimize production processes with an accurate knowledge of real-time movements of equipment and labor. A production manager will now be able to more accurately guide specific production steps as they integrate this technology into efficient production planning.Control who has Access to your Premises One doesn’t want people who don’t need to be there or people who aren’t authorized to be there gaining access to their property. This results in a slowdown of production and/or the possibility of theft and vandalism. Not only can you control employee access via the GAO RFID Access Control System, but this software system will more accurately track hours worked. The data collection of RFID technologies have been acclaimed for these purposes among others, from the mouths of those in movie and video production.Unparalleled Security for your Premises There are millions of dollars at stake and you need to know what’s going on at your premises on off-hours. Security is of extreme importance. The increased amount of oversight gained with GAO RFID Movie and Video Production Services allows you a visibility into what is going on at your property in the off-hours.Tag your Equipment Movie and video production hinges on the equipment being used to be properly maintained and in functioning order. Now one can tag each piece of equipment with Tamper-proof RFID Tags, thereby tracking when it has last undergone maintenance and, if need be, one can set up a maintenance schedule to ensure equipment is being cared for appropriately. The tagging of equipment also guards against theft and vandalism through the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System. Should a piece of equipment be removed from the premises, you will be notified in real-time of any suspicious activity via RFID. 

    Integrating our Solution with your Movie and Video Production System

    GAO RFID Systems for Movie and Video Production Studios can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs.RFID in movie and video production translates to less manual work, less cost, improved visibility and improved planning. Implemented to ease the stress of the situation, GAO RFID technologies improve information management concerning maintenance, security, and employee access. RFID tagging has become a must for many professionals within the industry.Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID Movie and Video Production Services can be adapted to suit your needs.]]>

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