RFID Systems for Opera Houses

Using RFID Technology in the Opera House Industry GAO RFID is a leader in implementing this technology in entertainment facilities worldwide. From event management to workflow optimization, our team of certified professionals knows how to use RFID effectively to keep your daily operations running smoothly. Many of our clients in the industry have come to us with their challenges. Read on to see how GAO RFID can benefit your opera house and its activities. Our organization must tackle a number of areas, including tracking our valuables. How can GAO RFID help? Our company uses RFID technology to meet a number of organizational needs. No challenge is too big (or too small) for our team. Here are just some of the concerns we have addressed: Crowd control and security measures

  • Inventory monitoring and tracking of company assets
  • Document management, including employee files and regulatory paperwork
  • Employee tracking and workflow optimization
GAO RFID Asset Tracking System can all be customized to address concerns unique to your venue. We’d like a more efficient way to track the equipment and other valuables as they move throughout the opera house. How can RFID technology help? GAO RFID is the creator of one of the world’s most powerful Tag and Reader hardware. These components are valuable when it comes to tracking everything from employees to company assets. Deter theft and vandalism by knowing where your assets are at all times. The process is quite simple. Here’s how it works: Place GAO RFID Tags on all your valuables, including AV equipment, computer servers and concession stands
  1. GAO RFID Readers are placed at strategic access points within your opera house
  2. Tags transmit data pertaining to its whereabouts as your valuables move along the venue floor
  3. That item can now be tracked in real-time using our intuitive software from a remote location
We have hundreds of employees ranging from ushers to technical staff. How can we better monitor their work performance? Is there also a more streamlined approach to managing our employee payroll? Managing worker performance is one of the most challenging aspects of running any organization. But GAO RFID makes it easy to do so with its complete offering of Tags and Readers. Our RFID Personnel Tracking System not only monitors your employees’ whereabouts — it can also pinpoint workflow anomalies, allowing managers to optimize departmental efficiency. Meanwhile, managing employee documentation can be quite difficult — especially if your business has not yet moved to a paperless system. But our RFID technology streamlines documents into customized categories, let’s you track and identify the documents so you can access this paperwork easily. Use our document management solutions to steadily bring your company into a digital workflow. We’re interested in learning more about your RFID Systems. What now? Our team of certified RFID professionals are committed to your satisfaction every step of the way. From the initial consultation to performance monitoring, our client’s success is what drives us to do better. Simply contact us for a personalized assessment of your Opera House venue’s needs. From there, we will create a customized roadmap on how RFID solutions will help achieve your goals.]]>

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