RFID Systems for Parking Lots and Garages

  • Cut down on entry and exit lines with a no-sight RFID tracker to get a vehicle in/out instantly
  • Try out short-term and long-term parking planning options to find out what’s best for customers
  • Eliminate unauthorized use of your parking lot and/or garage
  • Communicate instantly with users of your parking service to notify of any construction nearbyRFID Tags are a quick and accurate tracking method that achieves maximum security while ensuring that your customers receive the best possible experience.

    Using GAO RFID Systems in the Parking Lots and Garages Services Industry

    Operating a parking lot or garage is often a struggling in restricting unauthorized use as well as in ensuring that exit/entry for authorized customers is as easy as possible. The data encoded on RFID microchips tagged to your customers’ vehicles allows you to do just that. RFID Vehicle Tags affixed to car windshields or RFID Access Cards allow your customers the opportunity to enter and exit your parking lot without having to swipe a card, stop and sign in, or pay via a live attendant.Cut Down on Lines at Entries and ExitsWith the GAO RFID Parking Control System employed in your existing parking lot/garage, the system will ensure that entries and exits are completed quickly and efficiently. This hands-free method of parking through GAO RFID Parking Lots and Garages Services allows customers to come and go as they please with minimum hassle, and in the case of a busy space, can help facilitate quicker turn-over. As each RFID Tag is uniquely assigned to a customer, you can review reports that will illustrate how many times each customers enter and exits the lot, and the duration they stay each time.Try out Different Payment OptionsWith the GAO RFID Parking Control System, your parking lot or garage customer will no longer have to stop to speak with and pay an attendant. Therefore this opens up different options as to how to arrange payment with your customers. Using RFID technology, transactions can automatically occur with the wave of an RFID card near the proximity of an RFID Reader . This provides a customer with the chance to speed up the payment process for your services. This also prevents unfortunate events such as a customer forgetting their identification card or forgetting to grab change to pay for parking – thereby creating a negative customer service experience for all involved.Achieve Maximum SecurityIf unauthorized use of your premises has ever been a worry, it will cease to be a problem. The GAO RFID Parking Control System permits only those with the necessary RFID tags access. Without an RFID tag, potential trespassers simply cannot gain access. In addition, each time the gate at your parking lot or garage opens the event is recorded and matched with an RFID Tag. This promises a high level of security for your premises and provides a safe environment for your customers.Communicate with Your Customers The GAO RFID Parking Control system can be integrated with parking guidance and information displays to inform your customers of the available parking spaces available and guide them to empty spots. Because RFID technology counts and tracks the number of cars that enter and exit the lot, this data can be transferred to the information displays to provide parking clients with up-to-date information of lot availability.

    Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

    GAO RFID Parking Lots and Garages Services can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs.This hands-free technology adds speed and finesse to parking lot and garage operations unlike anything before. The utilization of RFID tags ensure that your entrance and exit are appropriately protected at all times while making a significant contribution to improving the customer service experience. Each individual chip is implanted with a unique ID number that cannot be changed. This prevents unlawful changes thereby keeping your premises secure. Parking lots and garages can benefit greatly from the use of RFID technologies – and at no additional cost to your customer.Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID Parking Lots and Garages Services can be adapted to suit your needs.
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