RFID Systems for Personal & Commercial Banking

  • Checking inventory
  • Managing the updates to chip-cards
  • Monitoring ATM equipment maintenance schedules
  • Tracking and monitoring fraud cases and concerns
  • Controlling access to safety deposit boxes
  • Monitoring access to designated areas throughout the bank
  • Our RFID solutions help to automate these banking processes to ensure the efficient operation of every banking centres so that they can provide the best possible service to their customers.

    Using GAO RFID Systems in the Personal & Commercial Banking Industry

    The GAO RFID Systems that are designed for the Personal and Commercial Banking Services industry ensures that the wide range of assets is managed for optimum efficiency in a banking organization. Every stage of the banking process is a vital part of your client’s banking experience and requires suitable care. We know that it is important to have absolute visibility of assets, inventory, clients and staff to ensure that clients’ banking needs are met. This is where our RFID Systems can help. Management of Cash and Cheque Inventory A steady flow of cash as well as prompt printable cheques are required for clients to feel confidence in their banking organization. Using specialized RFID Tags, any type of asset can be tagged and the tracked. At any time, the location and inventory levels of assets can be automatically identified. As such, our RFID Asset Tracking System provides you with a way to check inventory levels of coins and bill and monitor arrival dates for cheque orders, ensuring that every single client is properly taken care of with accordance to your organization’s high standards. Management of Banking Equipment Currently, the management of equipment throughout the bank are left up to the tellers and the banking management. To make this process more efficient, GAO RFID Tags can be installed onto every piece of equipment including cash sorter machines, ATMs, PIN pads, teller assist units, and vaults, so the Asset Tracking System can track the maintenance schedules of every mission-critical equipment; ensuring everything is working well and in compliance with standards. Controlling Access Using the GAO RFID Access Control System, your organization can assign and control access to zones within your bank. Whether it is cash rooms or staff rooms, RFID Badges given to your personnel can be programmed with specific access levels so that you can automatically grant and restrict access to areas on your premises. Our Access Control System can also be used to provide your clients access to safety deposit boxes, allowing an easy and secure way of accessing valuables. Every time a room or box is accessed, the instance is logged into the system’s main database, allowing your administrators a real-time view of exactly what is being accessed or restricted. Monitoring Personnel Time and Integrating with Payroll Our RFID solutions also have a Personnel Tracking System functionality that enables you to identify your employees and track their movement within the premises. After being assigned RFID Badges, the badge-in and badge-out times of employees can be tracked and this data can be integrated with your existing payroll system for seamless payroll calculations. In cases of emergency, the locations of employees can be identified in real-time—ensuring an efficient and safe work environment.

    Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

     While our RFID systems provide a multitude of solutions that boost your business efficiency, the function of a RFID is really to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. With this collected, we then aim to integrate it with your existing management systems so that you can use this information to make your operations simpler and more efficient. It is vital, then, that by integrating RFID-generated data into banking applications you do not lose your original data relating to competency assessment software, Payroll systems, and decision support management tools that are used to help make other banking processes more efficient. The compatibility of these systems is necessary to the smooth transition to our RFID solutions. Using proper API, middle-ware and GAO’s AUTO ID Engine, this transition is possible. Please contact us for more information on how GAO RFID solutions can be integrated with your system.]]>