RFID Systems for Pet Care Services

  • Easily find lost pets
  • Purchase an RFID-enabled feeder to automate a feeding schedule for your pet
  • Activate a pet door programmed to recognize specific animals
  • With ease and accuracy, document their vaccination and health records among other information should your pet find itself in a situation without its owner to advocacyThe pets under your care will be well protected with GAO’s RFID systems on their side. RFID technology enables the identifying, tracking, and locating of pets to ensure safety and efficiency.

    Using our RFID Systems in the Pet Care Services Industry

    We have been helping to improve the effectiveness of animal welfare organizations in the U.S.A. and Canada, providing pet identification and vaccination tracking, reuniting loved ones through the most extensive real-time lost pet recovery, and offering a number of RFID-related services that have established GAO as an industry leader in pet services Supply Pets with a Ticket Home No matter the situation, GAO RFID Asset Tracking System enables your pet to be found. The RFID tags with your animal will now allow you to retrieve your animal no matter where they may have wandered to. Using specialty RFID Tags for Pets, the detailed information of the animal is recorded and stored in the system database. Whenever a pet needs to be located, the system will locate the animal in real-time and allow you to retrieve the pet without worry. This gives every pet owner the peace of mind of not having to worry if their pet is lost under your care. No Pain and all the Gain Many pet owners will choose to embed their RFID tag underneath the animal’s skin. The process of implanting this small chip into your animal is quick, painless, and no more painful than a vaccination. There’s no need to wrestle your animal to the ground, shave them, or cause them any discomfort in order to complete this procedure. The chip comes complete with a unique number to keep tabs on your pet including its name, owner details, location, and vaccination records. Other information that may be included could include a list of any allergies or health problems that the pet may have. Automate a Feeding Schedule With the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System, pet feeders can be outfitted with RFID Readers that allow you to automate a feeding schedule. This is ideal when your business has many kennels and is required to take care of a number of animals at a time. The added benefit to this system is that every time feeding occurs, it is logged and stored in the database so that your administration team can review feeding schedules to optimize your program, or in case any problems arise feeding information is required.

    Integrating our RFID Systems with your Existing Management System

    GAO RFID Pet Care Services can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to your needs. Each individual chip is implanted with a unique ID number that cannot be changed. The permissions and personal information on each chip can be changed separately or in batches, but the identification number cannot. This prevents unlawful changes thereby never endangering your pet and making them easy to identify. We know that you have existing management software—GAO RFID has more than 10 years of experiencing integrating our RFID systems in various business environments. Contact us for more information on how GAO RFID Systems for Pet Care Services can be tailored to suit your organization.      
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