125 KHz Low Frequency Handheld RFID Reader

This light weight handheld 125 kHz LF reader can hold over 30 000 records and has an IP67 protection rating to protect it from shock and water.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

With this highly reliable design, users can easily carry this handheld reader for various purposes such as security tour, logistic, ticketing, etc:

  • Non-key operation, Intelligently reading tags once approaching it
  • Retrieving data without connecting the cradle, and with zero power consumption for transmission recording
  • Lasting 2 years if scanning card for 200 times a day and user can replace the battery by him
  • Super Water and shock resistance, it is able to read tags under water
  • Powered by USB port


Memory 30716 records
Display LED indication
Power 3 V lithium battery with 2 years of service time
Communication Interface Wireless Inductive
Operating Temperature -20 °C – 60 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C – 70 °C
IP Rating 67
Scan Distance 0 – 6 cm
Reading standards EM 64 bits
Weight 120 g
Operating Humidity 0% – 95%
Dimensions 120 (L) x 35 (W) x 20 (H) mm