433 MHz Active RFID Reader Access Control Autonomous or Centralized Sensor




The 433 MHz active RFID reader guarantees the access control by operating at 433 MHz or 868 MHz frequency and featuring an integrated relay for controlling the accessories directly. The receiver is compatible with RS-485 and RS-422 connection and has an extended range of up to 328.083 ft. (100m) radius. The universal Wiegland output enables connection to nearly all available types of access controllers to facilitate a hands-free access control and tracking. The 433 MHz active RFID reader can be used to monitor the humidity and temperature in the buildings in industries such as manufacturing above others.

Technical Features

  • 433 MHz Active RFID reader.
  • Rs232 / Rs485 / USB interface.
  • Access Control protocols: Wiegand 26bits, Data, and Clock.
  • Stand-alone mode with 1 internal relay by dry contact.
  • Long-range: up to 328.083 ft. (100 m) (open field), adjustable by software.
  • IP65 waterproof 3.740 × 2.125 × 1.377 inches (95 × 54 × 35 mm).
  • Antenna BNC connector / Gland connector.
  • ERW configuration software.
  • ERW adjusts the badge detection range.
  • ERW displays received data frames continuously.
  • ERW measures RF noise levels in real-time.



  • 433 MHz Active RFID Reader Access Control Autonomous or Centralized Sensor enables an active RFID receiver operating at 433 MHz or 868 MHz, with an integrated relay for controlling accessories directly. This receiver features RS-485 and RS-422 connections for using several readers in bus mode.
  • Its Wiegand output enables you to connect the device to nearly all types of access controllers on the market to implement a hands-free access control solution.
  • It is used to monitor temperature and humidity levels in buildings.


Technical Specifications


Type Specifications
External power supply 12 VDC
Average current 20 mA or 34 mA if relay activated
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Operating temperature -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Receiving range Adjustable up to 328.083 ft. (100 m) (open field)
Access control protocol Wiegand 26 bits Data Clock
D0 – D1 Data – Clock
26 bits 10 or 13 characters
Output interfaces RS232 or RS485 half/full duplex, USB (internal plug)
Commands 1 NO/NF dry contact: 0.5 A @ 125 VAC / 1 A @ 24 VDC Stand-alone mode: activated upon detection of one ID code and remains closed if one or more codes are within the reception area.

Online mode: activated by software command.

Software configuration by the “ERM” configuration tool.

Connectors and fixing system Screw connectors onboard – Cable through Gland connector 4 internal mounting holes
Settings ERM Configuration tool provided for PC running over Windows XP
LED indicator Power, relay activation
Casing Painted aluminum: 3.740 × 2.125 × 1.377 inches (95 × 54 × 35 mm) IP65 Waterproof
Standards EN 301 489 – 3: 2002 V1.4.1

EN 300 220 – 2007: V2.1.2

RoHS Certified


Standard Packaging list


No. Standard Item Quantity
1. Main Unit 1
2. Coaxial Cable BNC SMA 1


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