UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Outdoor Whip Antenna

The Wavetrend Outdoor wall mount whip antenna has a 3 dBi gain and operates at 433 MHz.




Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

The Wavetrend Outdoor wall mount whip antenna has a 3 dBi gain and operates at 433 MHz. It has been designed for optimal RF receiving performance with the Wavetrend Reader range.


The L-AN400 whip antenna has been designed for wall mounting purposes. The reception characteristic is Omni-Directional and for optimal performance it should be mounted as high as practically possible and facing the tags in its environment.

The antenna is supplied with a 5-meter length of coax cable terminated with a BNC(M) connector. The coax cable is integrated directly into the antenna.

The casing of this antenna is moulded from UV resistant plastic.


Applications of this antenna are best suited to where an omni directional RF reception field is required: i.e. Fleet management, Vehicle yard management, Container monitoring, etc.

Assembly Instructions

Insert the whip into the metal adapter and fasten the grub screw with the allen-key supplied. Mount antenna vertically onto surface. Secure the coaxial cable using staples or cable clips.


The whip adapter is an integral part of the antenna and is not removable. Damage will be caused by attempting to remove it and will invalidate any potential guarantee claim.

A DC continuity check from inner to outer of the COAX connector will indicate an open circuit on a correctly functioning antenna.


Size450 mm Whip
Mounting BracketWall mount (bracket 20 mm long)
FinishBlack UV resistant bracket
MassApprox. 30 g
Temperature Range– 40 ℃ to 70 ℃
Environmental SpecificationConforms to ETS 300 019
Antenna typeWhip Antenna
Frequency band433 MHz ± 2 MHz
Gain at connector3 dBi
VSWR< 1.6 : 1
Impedance50 Ohms
Maximum power20 W

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