13.56 MHz Magnetic Stripe Card/RFID Reader Combo

Magnetic stripe card and RFID tag reading ensures this 13.56 MHz flash upgradable reader stays up-to-date for a variety of applications.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This plug and play 32 bit ARM7 Flash programmable reader features both Magnetic and RFID reader functions. It features selectable magnetic triple-track reading and bi-directional swiping and can be easily upgraded to support RFID or IC Chip Smart cards. This reader is compliant with ABA, ANSI, ISO, AAMVA and CADMV standards and is compatible with EM, TK, AT, Mifare and ICode cards. In addition, with its built in Flash upgrade option, the reader’s hardware will always be updated.

Key Features

  • Features both Magnetic and RFID reader functions
  • Compatible with EM, TK, AT, Mifare and ICode cards
  • High speed 32 bit processor
  • Specifically Designed to Meet PCI DSS Requirement
  • Compliant with ABA, ANSI, ISO, AAMVA and CADMV standards
  • NFC compatible
  • Bi-directional swiping
  • Programmable sound indicator
  • Multitude of flash upgradable firmware includes USB-KB, USB-RS (serial) USB-HID (Human Interface Device), and USB-Custom
  • Auto caps lock detection, selectable upper or lower case option
  • Built-in boot load function and built-in data encryption option
  • System development kits is available with DLL and sample source code


  • E-Passport, E-Ticket, E-identification
  • Credit card, loyalty program, store value
  • Online shopping, banking, gaming
  • Network, physical access control

Technical Specifications

Model 223022
Frequency 13.56 MHz
Built-in Magnetic Card Decoder Yes
Supported Card types (Module Specific) EM, TI, AT
Communications USB port
Power Via USB port
Current 45 mA to 65 mA
Connectors USB Type A
Cable Length 6 ft. (180 cm) (Default) also available 2 ft. (60 cm) and 15 ft. (460 cm)
Dimensions 100 mm x 32 mm x 32 mm
100 mm x 48 mm x 35 mm (contain RFID reader)
Total Weight 125 g, 145 g (contain RFID reader)
Operating Temperature – 20 °C to 55 °C
Humidity 10% to 90% relative
On-Screen Set-up Menu Yes
Factory Default Card Yes (One step setup card) Customizable
Flash Memory Upgrade Yes
Selectable Tracks Yes (Separate track selection for both ISO and AAMVA)
Selectable Available Tracks 1, 2, 3
Track Swipe Rates 2: 125 ips at 75 bpi
1, 3: 60 ips at 210 bpi
Head Life Over 1,000,000 passes
Programmable Sound On/Off Yes
Programmable Carriage Return Yes
Programmable Inter character Delay Yes
Programmable SS/ES Selectable Character Yes
Parity and LRC Data Checking Built-in, audible and LED good read and error indicator
Certifications CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
Operating Systems Windows 7, Win 2008, Vista, Win 2003, Win 2000, Windows XP, Win CE, Unix

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