GAO RFID College & University Asset Management System


Highly Efficient and Convenient

Management of assets in a university is done simply by having a staff member drive through campus while holding a handheld PC and counting assets.


What It Tracks

Our RFID system can track all kinds of university assets, such as computers, laboratory equipment, simulators, textbooks, papers, stationery, tables, chairs, projectors, benches and other supplies.


How It Works

GAO has developed the GAO College & University Asset Management System based on the latest UHF Gen 2 RFID technology.

It consists of three parts. The first part is one or multiple handheld PCs, such as tablet PCs, PDAs (personal digital assistants), EDAs (enterprise digital assistants) or pistol grip intelligent terminals. The second part is an RFID tag for each asset, also known as an object tag. The third part is an RFID tag for each shelf or area where the item is located, also known as a location tag.

The handheld PC is preinstalled with both an RFID reader and the GAO University Asset Management Software.

An RFID object tag is attached to each asset for its identification.

An RFID location tag is attached to a shelf or an area on which an asset is placed.

Once tags have been placed, a staff member can then walk through the areas where assets are located, with a handheld PC in his or her hand to automatically track all assets within range of the RFID reader.