GAO RFID Meat Processing Plant Asset Management System



Highly Efficient and Convenient

Management of assets in a Meat Processing is done simply by an employee walking through the store while holding a handheld PC and tracking the assets.


What It Tracks

Our RFID system can track all kinds of meat processing store assets, such as precision scale mixers, high precision measurement equipment, saws and grinders.

How It Works

GAO has developed the GAO Meat Processing Asset Management System based on the latest UHF Gen 2 RFID technology.

It consists of three parts. The first part is one or multiple handheld PCs, such as tablet PCs, PDAs (personal digital assistants), EDAs (enterprise digital assistants), or pistol grip intelligent terminals. The second part is an RFID tag for each asset, also known as an object tag. The third part is an RFID tag for each shelf or area where the item is located, also known as a location tag.

The handheld PC is preinstalled with both an RFID reader and the GAO Meat Processing Asset Management Software.

An RFID object tag is attached to each asset for its identification.

An RFID location tag is attached to a shelf or an area on which an asset is placed.

Once tags have been placed, a staff member can then walk through the areas where assets are located, with a handheld PC in his or her hand, to track all assets within range of the RFID reader automatically.



  • No system installation is required
  • RFID readers can detect tags within their long-read range
  • RFID readers do not require a direct line of sight to read tags
  • RFID readers can read multiple tags at once
  • RFID tags are reusable and able to withstand impact, heat, and moisture
  • A wide selection of tags for different target materials and working conditions
  • Suitable for Meat Processing stores of all types and sizes


Technical Specifications

  • One or multiple handheld PCs from GAO, which is preinstalled with a UHF Gen 2 RFID reader and the GAO Meat Processing Asset Management Software
  • A UHF RFID object tag for each asset
  • UHF RFID location tags for indicating where an asset is located


The Issues Addressed

Most of the issues with traditional inventory management systems in meat processing plants are barcode-based or human errors. Usually, a barcode number is pre-printed on a sticker and placed on each item. If the sticker gets damaged or dirty, then the barcode scanner can misread or even fail to acknowledge the read. Apart from this, barcodes require a clear line of sight at a close distance to be read. A staff member with a handheld scanner needs to visually identify each item, scan it in a close range, and repeat the task for each item in the inventory. Due to these reasons, the process is highly error-prone, inefficient and labor-intensive.

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