125 kHz Low Frequency (LF) RFID Reader or Interrogator125 kHz Low Frequency (LF) RFID Reader or Interrogator
SKU: 211013
125 kHz Low Frequency RFID Reader/Interrogator

Product ID: 211013

This stylish, compact, and waterproof 125 kHz low frequency reader can output in 5 different formats while using one of its 6 available LED indicator colors.

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Overview – 125 kHz RFID Reader

Download Our PDF Product Document

Download Our PDF Product Document

This 125 kHz RFID reader is a stylish, reliable proximity reader. The reader has 3 in 1 interface output options for ABA TK2, RS232 (UART) or Wiegand. It also be optionally configured to output other common interface formats including Magstripe (Clock/Data), RS-232. The RFID reader has a water resistant design.

Key Features – 125 kHz RFID Reader

  • Compact size, easy to use
  • 3 in 1 interfaces
  • 6 available colors for LED indication to distinguish read mode and standby mode

Technical Specifications – 125 kHz RFID Reader

Frequency 125 kHz
Transponder Read only (for unique serial number/unique identifier)
Chip type: EM H4001/H4002 compatible
ID code: 10 digits in Hex; 125 kHz, ASK;  64 bits, Manchester  coding
Read Distance Up to 9 cm
Audio/Visual Indication Internal LED and Buzzer
Interface Wiegand 26 bits (default), Magstripe, 9.6 k baud serial ASCII (RS232). (Wiegand & RS232 interface baud rates are configurable)
Power Requirements 7.5 V to 12 V regulated DC at 75 mA, typical with a 12 V supply. A linear regulator is recommended.
Additional 2 digital input and 2 digital output
Operating Temperature -10 °C to 60 °C
Dimensions 10 cm × 3.2 cm × 1.6 cm

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