13.56 MHz RFID Reader w/ LED Buzzer

This HF Ethernet LED reader is weather resistant, has a read range of up to 2.75” (7 cm), and features a configurable buzzer.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

The MIFARE® Ethernet RFID reader can be configured to read either the UID section of MIFARE® cards or the user-defined sector data or MAD in a user defined closed system. It is especially suitable for applications such as access control, time attendance, guest registration, authorization identification and identity authentication.

The MIFARE® Ethernet RFID reader provides a read range of up to 7 cm. The RFID reader can also be designated with a reader ID number for multi-unit communication. Internal LED and buzzer are also configurable

Key Features

  • PoE Ethernet interface
  • Built-in relay control
  • Reads MIFARE® cards
  • Weather resistant indoor/outdoor design
  • Reader ID for multi-unit communication
  • Configurable LED and buzzer
  • Compact size
  • NFC compatible


  • Access control system
  • Time & attendance
  • Guest registration system
  • Authorization identification
  • Identity authentication

Technical Specifications

Model 223026
Interface Ethernet (POE)
Applications MIFARE® UID only
Power Requirements DC 7.5 V to 24 V
Card Type MIFARE® Classic
Maximum Reading Distance Up to 7 cm
Frequency 13.56 MHz standard
Audio / Visual Indication Internal LED and buzzer
Relay Built-in relay
Dimensions 112.3 mm × 96 mm × 22 mm
Housing Material ABS housing
Environment Operating Temperature 0 °C  to 60 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 10% to 90%
Certification R&TTE / FCC

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