134.2 KHz Handheld RFID Reader

This easy-to-use 134 kHz low frequency reader is great for animal tracking or logistics and includes demo software with an SDK while a variant of this model includes Bluetooth capability.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This series of low frequency RFID Readers for Animal Tracking provide a low cost easy-to-use system for animal identification and management. The series consists of two versions of the reader: The animal tracking reader reads compatible RFID tags, displays the tag ID on the screen and stores the data to on board memory. The other has the additional capability to upload the data in real time via Bluetooth to any enabled PC or PDA.

These RFID readers feature fast and accurate scanning and meet ISO11784/5 FDX–B and ID64 standards. Besides animal tracking these readers are an excellent choice for other applications such as logistics, field service, personnel tracking or event management. The readers are shipped with demo software and SDK from GAO.

Application Usage

Logistics, Field Service, Time and Attendance


Data memoryEEPROM (32kB, storage capability of about 2000 items)
Keyboard3 keys
InterfaceModel 222014 – USB
Model 222014B – Bluetooth 2.0 (optional)
Screen128 * 32 OLED
BatteryAA * 3PCS
Tag Compatibility11784/85 FDX-B and ID64
Working Frequency134.2 kHz
Standby time7 days
Consecutive Working Hours12 h
Operating specificationsOperating at 0 ℃ to 50 ℃
Storage at -20 ℃ to 65 ℃
Humidity: 5% to 90% relative

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