134.2 kHz HDX/FX RFID Reader

This stationary 134 kHz reader is built for ease of use in difficult environments through its patented Auto Tuning Function (ATF) for the best read range and IP54 rating.



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This low frequency, fixed reader is ISO 11784/5 compliant and thus able to read all FDX–B and HDX RFID tags. The reader is designed with several advanced functions and tailored specially for continuous operation in harsh environments found in feeding stations, animal scales or sorting gates.

The RFID reader’s patented Auto–Tuning Function (ATF) is a unique feature in this class of readers that ensures the best tuning, and subsequently best read range, for continuous operations even under changing environments. The ATF also greatly simplifies first installation. Another outstanding feature is its patent pending Integrated Diagnosis Module (IDM), which enables on-site diagnosis for noise problems without the need for additional diagnostic tools such as an oscilloscope or system analyzer.

The 212002 fixed RFID reader has a durable case with an IP54 protection rating, and its integrated LEDs and function key provide for ease of operation. The reader also supplies a clock synchronization enabling applications where several readers or antennae are used in close proximity.

Key Features

  • Patented auto-tuning and diagnosis modules enables on-site set-up and diagnosis for noise problems
  • Able to read all FDX-B and HDX RFID transponders with a very good reading range in accordance with ISO 11784/5.
  • Transponders with widespread H4102 chip can be read (optional)
  • Designed for continuous operation in feeding stations, scales or sorting gates
  • Performs well even in the worst conditions
  • Optional synchronous clock

Technical Specifications

Frequency134.2 kHz
Transponder typesHDX compatible (ISO 11784/5)
FDX–B compatible (ISO 11784/5)
H4002 compatible (optional)
Read Range (with antenna 312001)Up to 80 cm with HDX transponder of Ø 30 mm
Up to 60 cm with FDX–B transponder of Ø 30 mm
>InterfacesRS232 or RS485
Power supply12 V DC, 400 mA, linear
Temperature range0 ℃ to 60 ℃
Dimensions175 mm x 135 mm x 90 mm (L x W x H)
WeightApproximately 500 g

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