13.56 MHz MAD Sector RFID Reader

This HF tag reader is weather resistant, can be configured to read MAD and non-MAD sectors, and has a reading range of up to 2” (5 cm).



Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This configurable MIFARE® sector reader can read MIFARE® cards using MIFARE®Application Directory standard (MAD) sectors as well as non-MAD sectors. The reader can be configured to read either MAD1 and MAD2 sectors or the user-defined (non-MAD) sector. The reader also has an ID number which can be set ind transmitted in the case where multi-unit communications is required. Avialable output interface include RS232, Wiegand or MSR ABA TK2.

Key Features

  • Can be installed on or near metal surfaces
  • Reads MAD1 and MAD2 sectors and user MAD-AID (registered application identifeiers)
  • Reads Non-MAD user-defined sector Supports Multi Sectors
  • Reads MIFARE® Standard 4000 or MIFARE® Standard 1000 card
  • Reader ID number for multi-reader applications
  • NFC compatible
  • Three available output interfaces: Wiegand (Default), RS232 and MSR ABA TK2
  • Selectable Wiegand output from 26 bits to 128 bits
  • RS232 output packet can be set with Header, Reader ID and trailer
  • Configurable Internal LED and buzzer
  • Weather resistant

Technical Specifications –

Frequency13.56 MHz
Card FormatMAD1 / MAD2
Card TypeMIFARE® MF1 standard cards for 1024/4096 bytes
Maximum Read DistanceUp to 50 mm with MFA01 card in ideal conditions
Power Requirements7.5 V to  24 V, a linear regulator is recommended
InterfaceWiegand 26 bits to 128 bits selectable, RS232, MSR ABA TK2
Audio / Visual IndicationLED/Buzzer indication
Housing MaterialABS
Operating Temperature0 °C to  60 °C
Operating Relative Humidity10% to 90%
Dimensions105 mm × 105 mm × 18 mm

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