134.2 kHz LF Long Range Fixed RFID Reader

The 134 kHz LF long range fixed reader is designed for harsh environments and features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that greatly reduces noise interference.


Overview – 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader (212007)

Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

This stationary 134kHz long range fixed RFID reader is equipped with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to significantly reduce interference from noise and was specifically designed for continuous operation in harsh and noisy environments such as slaughterhouses, scales or sorting gates.

The reader features a patented Auto-Tuning Function (ATF) at power up and on demand that not only simplifies the first installation, but also ensures the best read range for continuous operation under varying conditions. Another exceptional feature of this RFID reader is its Integrated Diagnosis Module (IDM), which enables on-site diagnosis for noise problems without requiring additional instruments such as an oscilloscope or system analyzer.

This fixed reader has an IP66 protection rating allowing for robust operation even in harsh environmental circumstances, and it adheres to the ISO 118784/5 standard and will read all FDX-B and HDX RFID transponders with an ensured good read-range.

The reader is designed to power one or two large antennas and supplies a clock synchronization enabling applications where several readers or antennae are used in close proximity. Its three integrated LEDs for operation status and integrated function key allow for ease of use.

Key Features – 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader (212007)

  • Achieves good reading ranges even in rather noisy environment (e.g., in slaughterhouses or markets)
  • Auto-Tuning Function ensures easy set up and peak performance even under changing environmental conditions
  • Integrated Diagnosis Module enables on-site diagnosis for noise problems
  • Designed for continuous operation in feeding stations, scales or sorting gates
  • Powers one or two large antennas
  • Reads all FDX-B and HDX RFID tags while achieving a very good reading range in accordance with ISO 118784/5
  • Offers a clock synchronization enabling application with several reader/antennas in close proximity

Technical Specifications – 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader (212007)


Frequency 134.2 kHz
Transponder types HDX compatible (ISO 11784/5)
FDX-B compatible (ISO 11784/5)
Read Range (with antenna 312002) up to 100 cm with HDX
transponder of Ø 30 mmup to 90 cm with FDX-B
transponder of Ø 30 mm
Interfaces RS232 (9600 – 115200 Baud)
RS485 (9600 – 115200 Baud)Optional:
• Bluetooth Class 1
• Wi-Fi
• Ethernet
Synchronization Wireless (for HDX only)

Wired Sync. for HDX and RF-Carrier for FDX optional

Power supply 12 to 24V DC, 36W max
Protection level IP66
Temperature range -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions L x W x H: 160 x 100 x 30 mm, L x W x H: 192 x 185 x 90 mm
Approvals CE




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