RFID Systems for Security Brokerages

  • Management of data records
  • Tracking lost or missing equipment
  • Security and access control for confidential files
  • Checking and tracking staff sales
  • These tasks can be automated by GAO RFID solutions so that your organization is best equipped to stay relevant in the competitive market. Using GAO RFID Systems in the Security Brokerages Industry  The GAO RFID Systems for Security Brokerages Services can help to deal with the logistics of data management, employee and customer tracking as well as storage requirements via tracking, maintaining, monitoring and management functions of the system. Management of Data Records  Documents and paper work are a key component of your daily functioning. Especially important in the Securities industry, printed copies of documents are a requirement to aid in the secure transference of data between your organization and your client. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System automates the management and tracking of this paper-work to allow for easy traceability and access to the documents as and when you need them. Special RFID Tags designed for documents can be attached to your data records, and can even be tamper proof. Once tagged, you can easily look up each document’s location and status. This will aid in the organization and sustainability of your Securities firm. Management of Electronic Equipment  In a highly technological world, we inevitably require computers and other electronics that are up-to-date in terms of software. In addition, the computers need to be equipped with the latest gadgets to make them more client-friendly, i.e. webcams to ensure that Skype chats or Google chats make your brokers more easily accessible via all media platforms. Our RFID Asset Tracking System employs GAO RFID Tags for each piece of equipment so that your equipment can be monitored for loss prevention and scheduled maintenance checks. By tagging all of your expensive equipment, you can be sure that these assets are protected from theft and are always working to keep your organization efficient. Managing and Controlling Access  In order to assure your clients of confidentiality, it is vital that your organization is equipped with the means to protect the privacy of your clients and client-employee confidentiality. The GAO RFID Access Control System is a key way to ensure off-limits areas are kept secure. RFID Badges given to every employee and visitor provides personnel with access to only that areas that are verified. With RFID Readers mounted at every doorway, zones are only unlocked when personnel with the proper access level use their RFID Badge. For added security, zones are monitored in real-time, every time a zone is accessed it is recorded in the database, and administrators can even set alerts based on detailed parameters so that they can be notified if something beyond the parameters occurs.

    Integrating  our RFID Systems with your Existing Management Software

     GAO RFID solutions can be integrated with numerous systems that are currently utilized by security brokerage systems all around the world. Our highly experienced technical team has know-how to help integrate our RFID system with your current management systems. We are dedicated to giving you all the information that you need to make this easy, fast transition. Please do not hesitate to contact GAO RFID to see how we can add RFID technology to your business processes.]]>

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