TekSummit on IoT & RFID Software & Systems

Second Quarter, Annually

Jointly Hosted by GAO RFID Inc. & GAO Tek Inc.

This IoT & RFID Software & Systems Summit is a top online conference for North American CIO, CTO, technical managers, software architects, systems architects and other technical experts. Such leading tech professionals meet virtually to present and discuss their software and systems using IoT and RFID. Speakers, panellists, chairs, advisers and other participants of this summit come from Fortune 500 companies and technology leaders such as Oracle, Cisco, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Intuit, QUALCOMM, AMD, ServiceNow, Adobe, Salesforce, PayPal, Applied Materials, Square, Snowflake, Analog Devices, ADP, Zoom, Fidelity National Information Services, Micron Technology, Equinix, Fiserv, Vmware, Workday, Autodesk, CrowdStrike, Twilio, Activision Blizzard, Cloudflare, Fortinet, Marvell Technology Group, GAO RFID & Unity Software, as well as leading universities such as Georgia Institute of Technology, CalTech, Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University, University of Michigan, and Stanford University.



Presentation Topics

Software Architecture and Middleware

Context-Awareness and Location-Awareness

Performance Evaluation and Modelling

Networking and Communication Protocols

Machine to Machine Communications

Energy Efficiency

Software Engineering for IoT and IoE

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches

Internet of Things Data Analytics

Technological Focus for Smart Environments

Architecture for Secure and Interactive IoT

Social Implications for IoT Intelligent

Systems for the Internet of Things and Services Computing

Transportation Management Traffic Theory, Modelling and Simulation

Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems for Vehicles, Green Systems and Smart City

Middleware and Software Layers for RFID

Middleware and Software Layers for IoT

Middleware and Software Layers for IoT & RFID

Smart City Examples and Case Studies Using IoT & RFID

Testing & Quality Assurance for Internet of Things & RFID Software

Software and System Testability

Software and System Security

Software Integration Issues

System Integration Issues

Panel Discussions & Tutorials on

IoT & RFID Software & Systems


Experts from sponsoring companies and from hosting companies GAO RFID & GAO Tek hold panel discussions and give tutorials on IoT and RFID software and systems.

About TekSummit & the Hosting Companies GAO RFID & GAO Tek

TekSummit has an unprecedented format: daily, year-round, and high-impact online presentations by top technical experts, business managers and corporate executives to discuss emerging ICT technologies and their applications.

GAO RFID is a leader in RFID readers, tags, antennas, and solutions for access control, parking, asset tracking, people tracking, inventory management, WIP, etc. GAO Tek is a leader in fibre optical and other high-tech products for businesses. Both are based in New York, US and Toronto, Canada.