TekSummit on IoT, RFID & Cloud

Fourth Quarter, Annually

Jointly Hosted by GAO RFID Inc. & GAO Tek Inc.

This summit is a leading virtual event for the technical and business leaders and corporate executives in the internet of things (IoT), radio frequency identification (RFID) and cloud industries.

Participants of this summit come from the leading suppliers in IoT, RFID and cloud such as Samsara, Vates, Oxagile, IBM, PTC, GE Digital, Bosch, Eastern Peek, Verizon, Digi, SAP, Cisco, Telit, Particle, Cooler Screens, Simplisafe, Inspire, Lenovo, Tive, Xage Security, Samsara, ARM, Clearblade, Sierra Wireless, Datalogic, Technologies Plus, Microscan, Serialio, Honeywell, AssetGather, CipherLab, and Zebra, GAO RFID, as well as major customers of IoT, RFID and cloud such as UPS, FedEx, Procter & Gamble, Campbell Soup, Pepsi, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws Supermarkets.

Experts and managers from such standard bodies and associations for IoT, RFID and cloud such as AIM, NATO, EDC, ETSI, GS1, IATA, HIBC, ISO, IEEE, IEE & ITU, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), Association for Women in Computing (AWC), Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), Computing Research Association (CRA), and International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) will also be present at the summit.


Presentation Topics 

IoT Platforms, RFID & Cloud

Low-Power, Short-Range Networks, RFID & Cloud

Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks, RFID & Cloud

IoT Processors, RFID & Cloud

IoT Device, RFID & Cloud

IoT, RFID & Cloud Security & Privacy

IoT, RFID & Cloud Analytics & Tools

IoT, RFID & Cloud Operating Systems & APPs

IoT, RFID & Cloud Event Stream Processing

IoT, RFID & Cloud Standards and Ecosystems

IoT, UHF RFID & Cloud

IoT, High-Frequency RFID & Cloud

IoT, Low-Frequency RFID & Cloud

IoT, Active 2.45 GHz RFID & Cloud

IoT, Active 433 MHz RFID & Cloud

IoT, RFID People Tracking & Cloud

IoT, RFID Social Distancing & Cloud

IoT, RFID Hand-washing & Cloud

IoT, RFID Asset Tracking & Cloud

IoT, RFID Access or Parking Control & Cloud

Panel Discussions & Tutorials on IoT, RFID & Cloud

Experts from sponsoring companies and from hosting companies GAO RFID & GAO Tek hold panel discussions and give tutorials on IoT, RFID and cloud.

About TekSummit & the Hosting Companies GAO RFID & GAO Tek

TekSummit has an unprecedented format: daily, year-round, and high-impact online presentations by top technical experts, business managers and corporate executives to discuss emerging ICT technologies and their applications.

GAO RFID is a leader in RFID readers, tags, antennas, and solutions for access control, parking, asset tracking, people tracking, inventory management, WIP, etc. GAO Tek is a leader in fibre optical and other high-tech products for businesses. Both are based in New York, US and Toronto, Canada.