Valerie Lynn – Leadership Consultant


Valerie Lynn is an overly-energetic and optimistic leader who believes that we have the power to transform our organizations and ourselves from within.  She is deeply passionate about growth and development within leadership.  She is a podcast host, company owner and leader within healthcare.

She has been published by Thrive Global, is known for her speaking and workshops, and is considered a thought-leader.

Valerie believes that when we find what inspires us, we can inspire others.



We all are looking for higher sustainability, retention, engagement, and performance within our organizations.  There are unending methodologies that are used to analyze each of these areas.  However, when we peel back layers and look at what makes leaders and cultures successful, it always comes down to the people within them.  Our most valuable assets are the people… and when we start to cultivate a culture, and an energy, of developing ourselves from the inside out, that is where we find the magic and begin to see organic results.


In this presentation you will learn:

-What Personal Development is and Why we should care about this now more than ever

-How Personal Development supports the overall success of a company or organization

-What practices you can start utilizing today

-The importance of investing in yourself as an impactful and ambitious leader

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