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Browse our selection of temperature tracking RFID tags.  These tags use sensors to monitor and track the temperature around the tagged items.

If you don’t see something that fits your needs or have questions about any of our temperature tags please feel free to contact us.

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2.45GHz Active Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

This tag provides real-time collection and monitoring of an item’s temperature suitable for tracking temperature-sensitive assets such as medical specimens and perishable goods.

ID: 127003

433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor Zone 0 Compatible

Overview 433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor is a Zone 0 compatible RFID device with an integrated motion sensor. The sensor is battery-powered, has an extensive range of up to 262.47 ft. (80m) in open field and an extended lifecycle of up to 4 years. The sensor feature an ultra-compact and anti-hanging design. […]

ID: 124083

433 MHz Active RFID Robust Wireless Temperature Sensor

Overview   The 433 MHz active RFID sensor is a wireless, battery-powered tag featuring an integrated temperature sensor. This high-performance tag transmits temperature readings within a 328.08 ft. (100 m) wide radius. The robust and waterproof features of this tag guarantee the accuracy and independence of the environment and surroundings. The  433 MHz active RFID […]

ID: 124086

860 – 960 MHz UHF RFID Temperature Monitoring System

This system is designed to monitor temperature in a cold chain for transporting and storing foods and other temperature sensitive goods. It monitors temperatures constantly and sends alerts of any abnormalities during transportation and storage. When integrated with a cloud system, it allows customers to trace their temperature sensitive goods. Its applications include cold chains […]

ID: 646020

Active RFID Waterproof Temperature Sensor

This Active RFID Waterproof Temperature Sensor has a high receiving range and is IP65 rated, enabling the tagging and monitoring of item temperature and location.

ID: 124078

UHF 433 MHz Active Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

This asset temperature tag can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment and can be deployed equally well on metallic and non metallic assets.

ID: 124017-Temp

UHF 860-960 MHz Temperature Sensing RFID Tag

This temperature logging is an ideal tracking solution for recording temperatures of sensitive products during transportation and storage.

ID: 116045

Wireless Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor RFID Tag

Key Features   High transmission range: 150 meters (open field) Lifecycle: up to 10 years Robust industrial casing Indoor applications User-definable Tag’s Identifier (RW)   Technical Specifications   Battery’s power supply 3.6 VDC – Non-rechargeable Li-SOCI2 Internal battery Frequency 433.92 MHz Sensor Frame Length ID code on 12 bits + Measurement Value on 12 bits […]

ID: 124080

Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor

This RFID Temperature Sensor uses the 433 MHz frequency and is a compact long range RFID temperature sensor that is IP68 rated for use in wet locations.

ID: 124075

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