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Highly Accurate and Efficient RFID Solutions

To provide a better solution in tracking the assets and managing the inventory. GAO RFID offers a solution for the Meat Processing Plant. With the help of RFID tracking, managing assets, and inventory is as straightforward as an employee walking through the plant with a handheld PC that scans all tagged items automatically.

GAO RFID Meat Processing Plant Asset Management System


What It Tracks

Our RFID system can track all Meat Processing plant assets, including:

  • Precision tools, such as precision scales and precision measurement equipment
  • Meat Mincer
  • Meat Grinders
  • Meat Cutting Machine
  • Meat Tenderizer
  • Slaughter Machine
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • All other assets your Meat Processing plant may utilize

With this solution, an RFID tag needs to be attached to each asset, then each tag is read by the handheld RFID reader held by the employee. This solution can be scaled to fill the needs of meat processing plants of various sizes.


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GAO RFID Meat Processing Plant Inventory Management System


What It Manages

The GAO RFID Meat Processing Inventory Management System can be effectively used to manage inventory all meat inventory including items packed, palleted or racked and stored in cold storage.

We offer several specialized RFID tags that can be affixed to your inventory that can accommodate many surface types, such as:



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In addition to the meat processing asset and inventory management solutions, we also offer an RFID Access Control System and RFID Parking Control System that can be tailored to your plant’s needs and controls who can access areas of your plant and parking. Click on either below to learn more.

RFID Access Control System

RFID Parking Control System

The Meat Processing Industry


With at least half of the human population being non-vegetarians, meat is an integral part of the day to day lives of many people in the world. America alone can be classified as one of the highest meat-eating countries in the world, with meat production at 46.83 million tons in 2018.  However, a lot of effort happens to get your steak from farm to plate. The meat processing industry involves nurturing the meat in different animals and preparing it safely and healthily before putting it on the shelf of the supermarket.

For the processing of any livestock, it goes through three stages of processing: preslaughter handling and nurturing, stunning, and slaughtering. During the handling phase, the livestock is ideally kept under comfortable conditions to ease out any stress that may impact the quality of the meat. The livestock is provided access to potable water to improve the health and, in turn, the meat processed from the animal. The slaughter process starts with a stunning phase wherein the animal is restrained and stunned either via a mechanical, electrical method, or Carbon dioxide gas. The idea behind this is to make the animal conscious and devoid of any pain during the slaughtering process. In the slaughtering process, the blood is drained completely before the head is removed for the splitting of the meat. Post slaughter, the meat is processed and cooled off before being transported for the final process of being separated into different cuts in preparation for retail and human consumption.


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