UHF On-Metal RFID Tag

This ultrathin RFID label can be supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion and also provides on metal tag functionality and much more.



  • Ultrathin label
  • Supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion
  • Provides on metal tag functionality
  • Ideal for hassle-free RFID deployment
  • Low cost
  • Label can be deployed easily within a low profile
  • High read range – up to 13.1 ft. (4 m)
  • Operates at frequency of 866 – 868 MHz (EU) and 902 – 928 MHz (US)
  • Optimized for thermal barcode printers
  • Ensure consistency and reliability for metal and liquid RFID tagging
  • Revolutionize integration into manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • IP68 rated
  • Material is compatible and optimized for metal and liquid
  • Impinj Monza 4QT used as an IC model
  • Reprogrammable User memory of 512 bits
  • Compliant with standards that it is RoHS approved, CE approved, ATEX/IECEx certified (option), US & Canada (C1D1/D2) certified (option)



  • Used for asset tracking in IT, office and hospital
  • Used for pipe manufacturing and re-certification
  • Used for logistics involving metal produce or packaging


Technical Specifications

Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Encasement Synthetic Label
Attachment Method Self-adhesive suitable for flat surfaces
Weight 0.0062 lbs. (2.8 g) (US)
Dimensions 4.1 × 1.1 × 0.03 in (103.0 × 28.0 × 0.8 mm)

Tolerance: ± 0.02 in (± 0.5 mm)

IC Type Impinj Monza 4QT
IP Rating IP68
Memory User: 512 bits
Printer Certifications Toshiba and Zebra
Material Compatibility Optimized for metal and liquid
 Frequency Range 866 – 868 MHz (EU)

902 – 928 MHz (US)

Read Range Fixed Reader: Up to 13.1 ft. (4 m)

Handheld Reader: Up to 6.5 ft. (2 m)

Operating Temperature -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)
Long Term Maximum Temperature Exposure (days, weeks, years) 149°F (65°C)
Short Term Maximum Temperature Exposure (minutes, hours) 185°F (85°C)
Certifications RoHS approved

CE approved

ATEX/IECEx certified (option)

US & Canada (C1D1/D2) certified (option)




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