Lab Access Control

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas

Lab Access Control provides security clearance levels and automated access to lab employees and visitors 24/7/365.

Why Access Control for Labs?

Medical labs are equipped with very valuable equipment, chemicals, specimen, etc. that are necessary for their everyday functioning. They also have lots of confidential patient data associated with the specimens that come into the lab to be processed each day.

Protecting such assets therefore becomes top priority, both for maintaining patient privacy as well as from a financial perspective to prevent theft. It, therefore, becomes essential to integrate employee security clearance levels into an automated access control system to prevent unauthorized access or access to restricted areas. The access control system is designed to address all of these issues to ensure a safe workplace for all people working there and the security of assets and confidential patient information.

Lab Track-dashboard

RFID Choices for Access Control in the Lab

Our RFID technology comes in several different configurations to help provide automated access to lab personnel and visitors.

SRD (Short Reading Distance) RFID

  • Can be used for securing close range or tap access to lab facilities.
  • Access restrictions can easily be set for various personnel depending on the lab’s requirements.
  • Unauthorized access can trigger alerts or start CCTV recording to monitor the area/individual involved.
An Example of Short Reading Distance Access Control

MRD (Medium Reading Distance)

  • Grants hands free access of certain lab facilities to authorized people. This is particularly useful when employees’ hands are often occupied when passing through an access checking point or his/her access needs to be speedy.
An Example of Medium Range Access Control

Add other components to your Lab Track system for complete control and visibility


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Track Lab Assets


Track Lab Personnel & Visitors

System Integrators

We have the technology to support you.  We can help tailor a Lab Track system around your healthcare client's needs including custom reports and software solutions combined with all the right hardware to help track the most important assets in the healthcare environment.

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